Welcome to Kay Daniels Romance 

Reading and writing has always been a passion of mine. Thankfully that passion was able to spill over into something useful or at least that is what I tell my obsession or more commonly known as my TBR pile.

Welcome to Kay Daniels Romance

I have the pleasure of reading some of the BEST authors in the industry, which  sometimes happens to be my favorite authors. I also get to read many new authors just starting out in this industry, which is also pretty exciting. However, no matter where authors are at in their writing journey, I just enjoy reading. Period. So please check out the section titled Book Reviews for what I’ve currently read and reviewed.

Under the section of New Releases you will discover teasers, excepts, and an a plethora of hot covers, along with all the hottest new releases. There is a treasure trove of items under this section. Feel free to search and look around. I know you will find great things.

Features is a section dedicated to blog tours, authors, and genre articles. My hope is it that section will continue to grow as I myself find time to write, but until then enjoy the features that are currently available.

Located under This and That you’ll discover that I love to write about various topics. This is the best spot to place random thoughts and ideas that don’t exactly fit in to any specific category, but would also make my main menu list about a mile long.

To find out how to reach me, or stalk me on various social networking sites, click on About Kay Daniels Romance. I would be pleased to hear from you or have you follow me on all social media platforms!

Thanks for stopping by. Keep reading, keep writing, and keep dreaming!

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