Transported to a new world in Vamp City


A Blood Seduction: A Vamp City Novel ~Avon

This review is from: June 12, 2012  By kayreader (Kindle Edition)

(spoilers beware)

You will be transported to an entirely new world that is stark, gray and filled with pain and desolation.  This is the alternate universe, or Vamp City, that Quinn and her brother, Zack, fall into.  This book will suck you in right from the get go, but beware because it is a twist from Palmer’s previous works and she will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Arturo is a contradictory character, sensual and caring, but you’ll quickly find out he’s a snake who continues to warn Quinn not to trust him. Over and over again she falls upon his misguided help, but how can you not when he is also the only one to show her any sort of compassion in a world that is also void of any emotion. It makes you want to scream every time she relies on him for help, yet I feel her frustration of feeling so helpless.

I loved the new take on a world that was not plush, extravagant and rich, as you would normally think of a vampire lair, but instead dead and emotionless just like the creatures that inhabit the city.

The feral series, that I adore, is a series that is so full of life, and one that Pamela Palmer had perfected to a tee.  The ferals are larger than life, taking up the rooms they occupy; feeling, smelling, touching, you can become the animal with them. I don’t want to say this new series is void of life, but yet, the texture was there, because it was beautiful in how she describes the starkness of it all.

As quickly as I finished it, I was almost sad to read the last page (and to hear once again that Arturo betrayed her), but I can’t wait for the continuation of this new series and to see what awaits Quinn and Zack as they return to DC.

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