Best of the Blacktop Cowboys!


One Night Rodeo: A Blacktop Cowboys Novel~NAL
This review is from: August 11, 2012  By kayreader (Kindle Edition)

This has to be my favorite in the Blacktop Cowboy series so far. Each book in the Blacktop series has had a small build up for these two characters and Lorelei didn’t disappoint.

Celia and Kyle have been dancing around one another basically since the age of six, but One Night Rodeo is finally the book that gets these two not only into close quarters, but into a quick marriage. After a night in Vegas where they both awoke the next morning with wedding bands upon their fingers and no recollections of how they got there, it is then a quick ride into a relationship, a new house, experiencing ranching together, things this couple had never experienced before, and had thought they never would while living on the rodeo circuit.

Inheriting a ranch and with Celia at his side, Kyle is more determined than ever to keep the stubborn woman he married in his bed. Kyle knew even if the wedding ceremony wasn’t memorable, the woman herself was. He’d wanted Celia longer than he’d ever let on, but the woman was too proud to ever let their past die. Their marriage now seemed like the perfect opportunity to win her affections, and hopefully win her love before she up and left him, because she only decided to pretend their marriage was the real deal for six months if he agreed to pay for her school. What she doesn’t count on is falling for the man she married, the one man who has the potential to break her heart
and shatter all her dreams.

This book was funny, heart warming, a great look at marriage and how open and even at times how closed off you can be with your partner. It was open and honest and a real true look (aside perhaps from the 20 times in the sack a day, that is where the fantasy part kicks in :)) at married life. We’ve all had those great highs where our spouse is the greatest, superhero, top,of the world kind of person, then the next minute you want to strangle him because they’ve left the toilet seat up and you’ve fallen in the cold bowl in the middle of the night. Lorelei is fantastic at writing great scenes where you can laugh one moment and get hot under the collar the next. I absolutely loved this book and loved finally reading Kyle’s and Celia’s story.

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