Fantastic end to two great series!


Wilder: The Chosen Ones~Signet

This review is from: August 19, 2012  By kayreader (Kindle Edition)

spoilers, spoilers, boy do I have spoilers here…

I have been waiting for this book for awhile now and it certainly didn’t disappoint.  Christina Dodd has crafted a series of paranormal, action-packed romance that began with the Darkness Chosen series and finished up in the Chosen Ones. The link between the two series is the grandson, Alexsandr Wilder, born from the great family of Konstantine Wilder-a family of shape shifters that had at one time worked for the very devil himself, but when the pact was broken, the family lost their ability to shift into their animal forms. The Darkness Chosen series ends with the birth of Alexsandr and Konstantine proclaiming he could prove to be the most powerful Wilder to ever be born.

The Chosen Ones is a series that begins years later, for Alexsandr is now a man, a young man just twenty-one, but called to join the elite group of individuals whom all have unique powers and are called The Chosen Ones. Each person in the group has a different ability: Isabelle is a healer, Samuel can read and project thoughts into minds, Aaron can shape shift into shadows, Charisma can hear the earth, but Alexsandr has no gift. His presence is in name only and for years he has felt like a fraud. The Wilder name has earned him his seat and Alexsandr let’s his doubts plague him until he eventually vanishes.

That is where this book picks up; where has Alexsandr been for several years? What has been happening to the Chosen Ones?
How is the world going to survive without the seven strong?
The best part of this book is that it combines both story lines from both series to end in a dramatic conclusion that was a phenomenal way to tie everything together. I loved catching up on old characters and interweaving the two series together, all I can say is that it was fantastic.

In this book, Alexsandr earned his way into the Wilder family history storybooks with no question. He proved to be a hero with a big heart, a lot of humility, a lot of character and you couldn’t help but root for him.

The other half of the story comes from Charisma Fangorn. She falls for Alexsandr, but not the man she’d grown to know in the Chosen Ones. The man she falls for is known as the Guardian. A man who is part beast, covered with fur, muscle and mane length hair. Guardian saves her from the bowels of the earth and nurses her back to health, but while she heals she decides to help the man who lives inside the beast, for he cannot remember who is or where he comes from. For as long as she is with him she decides to help return his kindness, by helping him heal and regain what humanity he can. Only realizing at the end when they must part, that it is Alexsandr, the very man everyone has been searching for. The very man they all need to help end the evil reign, could it be too late? Will their love be enough?

It is a brilliant story and was well worth the wait!

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