Sink deep and fall for liars!



Liar’s Fire: A Cooper Brothers Novel~TAG Publishing, LLC
This review is from: September 5, 2012 By kayreader (Kindle Edition) 

The two heroines meet and begin dating under false pretense’s, one to spite his sister into leaving him alone, the other for a juicy column in the local newspaper.
Doesn’t sound like a great premise for a book does it?  Well, it actually gets a whole lot meatier.  Serena is basically coerced into finding a date for her newspaper column, but she figures she can bluff her way through it and make the entire thing up, just like writing a romance. What she didn’t expect was actually meeting Tyler.
He was set up by his sister and the last thing he wanted to do was to be out looking for a date, but he stumbled upon Serena, and discovered her knack for spinning a story somewhat useful for getting his sister off his back. The two of them help each other through a lot of their sticky situations, but then life begins to set in and they both start to feel things neither one initially agreed upon.

Tyler comes with a whole slew of problems.  As Serena’s best friend put it so bluntly, “this guys the Titanic and no matter how great you convince yourself he is, the ship’s still going down.” I love that Tyler is a guy that isn’t super romanticized. He’s real, with real problems, and like Nolea says, he’s a great guy. You can’t help but like the guy, no matter how far his ship keeps sinking. Serena is also a woman to relate to, a woman that didn’t get along with her mother, just trying to get by each day while raising her son, just hoping her past didn’t screw up so bad that it catches  up with her future.
It really makes you stop and ask yourself; would you stay with the sinking ship, like Kate Winslet and stay for love and go down with Leonardo, or jump off with the leaving lifeboats?
Does love really conquer all?

This story was a feel good, laugh out loud, dig deep with emotions kind of story. It had it all.

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