Holy Cowboy!


Misplaced Cowboy (Foreign Affairs, BookTwo) ~Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc.
This review is from: October 8, 2012 By kayreader (Kindle Edition)    

WOW! I loved the first book, Misplaced Princess, but this second book was AMAZING!

Dylan mistakenly flew to New York when he got his wires crossed with Annie, the woman he’d been chatting with online for several months.
While at the same time Annie was flying half way way around the world to see Dylan and instead ended up meeting his twin brother in Australia,
but you can read about Annie’s story in the first book. This book is all about Dylan and his adventure in the the city that never sleeps.

Dylan happens to run into Annie’s friend, Monet, and as the sparks begin to dance between the two, this Australian cowboy is put to the test on just what a long distance relationship really means between him and Annie and will he risk all when he meets someone else.
I adored getting to know Dylan and all of his Aussie sexy swagger. I had a desperate urge to jump a plane and make the insane flight to catch an Australian cowboy for myself after reading this book.  If an Aussie cowboy is sexy in their own element, having one plucked and “misplaced” is uber hot as you will see when you get to know Dylan.

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