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Bath time has become a lost art I believe.
I can recall as a child the Calgon commercials that promised to whisk women away to their fantasy world as they indulged in their bath time. I honestly cannot recall a commercial for Calgon or any other bath product in ages. I know products are still on the shelves, so people are buying them, but who are they?
We have become a society that demands more and wants it faster so who has time to lax around in a tub all day shriveling up like a prune?
My children used to love bath time when they were little. I had a hard time getting them out of the tub. Now they look at me like I’ve grown two heads with antenna with bug eyes when I actually suggest taking a bath. They would rather be hog tied and quartered first.
Myself, I love bath time. Always have, probably always will.
As a child it was playtime. Yup, I was definitely one of those you had to drag from the tub and made a mess all over the floor since 1/2 of the water landed there.
As I grew older it was just my way to escape and relax. I love to stay until all the bubbles are gone and even then till the water starts to chill. Mostly it depends on how good the book I’m reading is. That is the hardest part, deciding when to put the book down and exit the cooling water.
I do wonder though, if more people actually took the time to relax, take a bath , pick up a good book and just breath. Would the world be a happier place?

About Kay Daniels Romance

About Kay Daniels Romance

Born & raised in a small town, I graduated with a degree in education and a minor in language arts from a State University. I’ve worked in various jobs starting in retail where the customer is always right. Then I moved into child care where the children were taught how to behave right. Next, I worked in human resources where the employees were mostly right. So what is my next big step? Creating worlds where the characters aren’t always perfect, but through love I could make my own kind of right.

I currently live in Illinois with my high school sweetheart in the middle of nowhere. Between my two children and diva cat I stay busy reading, blogging and creating new characters. Never let anyone tell you that country life is boring.

What do I do in my down time? Reading, writing, and blogging about one or the other. Find me on me on the socials listed below to see what I’m reading or writing about. 

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Love found in Bliss


Once Upon a Time in Bliss [Nights in Bliss, Colorado Prequel]~(Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic) 

This review is from: March 11, 2013 By kayreader (Kindle Edition) 

Loved this series and couldn’t have asked for a better link to tie the past and the present together. This book focuses on Henry and Nell Flanders, but if you know this series and have read them in succession then you are familiar with the town of Bliss, CO and familiar with the characters. You will get to meet up with many of the town members right on the cusp of when their stories began and having it interwoven with Nell and Henry’s story is fantastic. It’s a storyline that hadn’t really been delved into too deeply before, but there had definitely been curiosities brewing for quite some time. Why was Nell so passionate about protesting all the time? And how is it that Henry seemed to be so lethal in recent town showdowns?

What made the book even better, was the fantastic tie in to the next story-yes it will finally be Logan’s story!! It has been a long time coming and we no longer have to wait. Logan has been through a lot and Once Upon a Time in Bliss takes us back to remind us of when he was just a young boy who read comic books. When we see him next it will be the hard man he has become and will he be able to let love tame his blackened soul?

Sophie Oak has really done it again and this book is really fantastic! A must read if you love the Bliss series!

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Book Reviews

Sexy tattoos and hot rock bands!

Rock Me ~Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

This review is from: March 5, 2013 By kayreader (Kindle Edition)

Tattoos have never been sexier! Brian owns his own tattoo shop and Candace finally decides to bite the bullet and get inked. As Brian marks her skin, Candy finds it to be the most intensely sexual experience of her life, so far. Of course it doesn’t hurt that she’s been in love with Brian for years or that her sexual encounters are pretty much nothing. If only the man would pay her some attention as something other than like a kid sister.

Brian would love to give something more to Candace, but he doesn’t really have anything to give her. She certainly deserves something better than a man who owns a tattoo parlor and has a shady past.

It’s a fantastic story with great ups and downs. The first in a series that you won’t be able to put down. Especially when you get to know their friends.

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Heated, steamy, and drool-worthy! In love with the Sinners!


Double Time: Sinners On Tour (The Sinners on Tour) ~Sourcebooks Casablanca

This review is from: November 15, 2012 By kayreader (Kindle Edition)

Trey Mills, rhythm guitarist for Sinners, has been a fan favorite in Olivia Cunning’s last two books and he finally gets his story in Double Time.
Even with panty dropping good looks, his loving-good natured sense of humor and devil may care attitude, there is one thing he’s never gotten, nor gotten over-his love for Brian, the lead guitarist of Sinners.
However, Brian is straight, married, and just had a baby.
Could life be any worse for the adorable Trey?
Realizing he needs a change, he resounds to give  up men, not only his years long love for Brian, but all men in general.
Soon after Trey makes this decision he meets Reagan, the rhythm guitarist who just won a spot in his brothers band, Exodus End. Reagan is tough, snarky, and doesn’t easily fall for Trey’s lines of bullcrap. She is the best thing that ever came his way. That’s right, it’s a SHE.

Reagan knows all about defying the stereotypes of being a female guitarist in a rock band and as attracted as she is to Trey, she also fears falling for a man she knows is a known womanizer.  She’s had her heart broken, when she found her last boyfriend in bed, not with a girl, but with a man.
Trey try’s to dampen his bi-sexual urges even more when he learns this and only try’s to reaffirm his vow to swear off men.
This all takes place within the first few chapters along with some very heated, steamy, and drool worthy love scenes.
I won’t give away anymore, except to say, the rest of the story gets even more complicated and hot, hot, hot as Trey and Reagan have to work together and fit her roommate into the picture, who just happens to be an alpha male himself-yum!

You will get major updates on all the Sinners band mates that will seem out of context when you know that Jace’s story is coming next and yet I cannot wait for his story even knowing what I know.

Double Time does not disappoint. Olivia Cunning is a phenomenal writer who will bring you into her world, one that you will not want to leave, ever!


Hot Ticket: Sinners on Tour (The Sinners on Tour) ~Sourcebooks Casablanca
This review is from: March 5, 2013 By kayreader (Kindle Edition) 

I have been waiting for Jace’s story and happy to say that it did not disappoint.

As the quiet member of the band, Sinners, Jace plays the bass guitar and has always felt just a bit outside of the group. You finally delve into the psyche of what makes Jace tick and the insecurities he has rambling around in his head. It is the heart of what drives him into arms of Mistress V/Aggie. She is just what Jace needs in delivering the pain and punishment that he somehow feels he deserves.

Mistress V finds herself in uncharted territory when Jace walks into her life. Aggie has a rule that she never has sex with her clients (and certainly never falls for them). There is something different about Jace that speaks to her. She finds herself breaking all of her own rules and even making up some new ones all in the name of one hot bassist. Don’t miss this hot addition to the Sinner series.

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