This and That


Bath time has become a lost art I believe.
I can recall as a child the Calgon commercials that promised to whisk women away to their fantasy world as they indulged in their bath time. I honestly cannot recall a commercial for Calgon or any other bath product in ages. I know products are still on the shelves, so people are buying them, but who are they?
We have become a society that demands more and wants it faster so who has time to lax around in a tub all day shriveling up like a prune?
My children used to love bath time when they were little. I had a hard time getting them out of the tub. Now they look at me like I’ve grown two heads with antenna with bug eyes when I actually suggest taking a bath. They would rather be hog tied and quartered first.
Myself, I love bath time. Always have, probably always will.
As a child it was playtime. Yup, I was definitely one of those you had to drag from the tub and made a mess all over the floor since 1/2 of the water landed there.
As I grew older it was just my way to escape and relax. I love to stay until all the bubbles are gone and even then till the water starts to chill. Mostly it depends on how good the book I’m reading is. That is the hardest part, deciding when to put the book down and exit the cooling water.
I do wonder though, if more people actually took the time to relax, take a bath , pick up a good book and just breath. Would the world be a happier place?

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