This and That

Small scene from current work….

A little section from something I’ve been working on—-


“I believe I still owe you,” the mischievous gleam in his eyes said that payback was going to be a fun and tortuous at the same time.
He picked her up without waiting for a reply and walked quickly back to his bedroom. Rita didn’t even get a chance to see the route he took for future reference. It truly was as if he intended to keep her as his sexual prisoner for the time they were in San Francisco. Not that she was going to complain.
Before she knew it she was dumped on a soft mattress and Rick’s hard body came down on top her. His lips began an assault on her senses. He started behind her ears and slowly descended south making lazy circles on her neck. it was driving her crazy. She wanted him naked, she wanted to be naked. She really needed them both naked so they could enjoy each other naked right that moment.
He was still licking lazy patterns across her collarbone, seeming to be in no hurry. Yet Rita’s skin felt like it was on fire.
“Rick, please.” She scratched at his back, hoping her nails were sharp enough to tear the shirt from his back.
He was working his way up the other side of her neck. The opposite direction of where Rita was hoping he was headed. She let out a “humpf” and started in earnest wiggling her hips.
She finally heard Rick give a deep chuckle. The sound vibrated straight through him and right through Rita’s core. “Oh, God. Do that again,” she begged.
He lifted his head and looked down at her. “Feeling frustrated baby?”
She stuck out her lip and pouted. “Just a little.”
He reached up and smoothed a lock of hair from her face. “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of you.”
“Thank God.” She began untucking his shirt from his pants and started running her hands under the material when he began chuckling again.
“Whoa. Slow down Sweetcheeks.”
“What?” Her eyebrows crunched down into a v, as she looked into his face trying to find the joke displayed there. she was burning up and really was hoping he was going to douse it soon.
“We,” he kissed her forehead, “have,” he kissed her left eyelid, “all,” he kissed her right eyelid, “week,” he kissed the tip of her nose, “and…” he hovered right above her.
“And?” she licked her lips anticipating where he was headed. God, she really needed him to kiss her. More than she needed to breathe, more than she needed food, or water, or anything else. She really needed him to kiss her.
“And I plan to kiss every part of you before the week is over.” The look in his eyes was so intense. Rita knew she was lost right at that moment. Lost to the man. Lost to the feelings he was swirling in her. lost to the cravings he seemed to dredge forth. She knew she would never be complete again for she was totally lost to him.
He crushed his lips to her and Rita revealed in the swirling feelings his kiss invoked. His tongue sought entrance and she craved the taste of him. The taste that was purely Rick. she ran her hands through his hair, bringing him closer, trying to climb into the very essence of him.
His nimble fingers walked a path up her side bringing her shirt with it. He finally broke their kiss long enough to drag her shirt over her head, then his mouth was back, nibbling, sucking causing her to burn up from the inside again. Her hips began to involuntarily grind against his thigh. She needed the ache within her core to be doused or she would combust.
As if Rick read her thoughts he left her lips and began his decent, this time making a straight beeline south. he unclasped her bra and tossed that the same direction as her top. He suckled first one breast than the other causing Rita to arch her back from the bed.
“Rick,” she thrashed her head back and forth. “I’m on fire.”
“Patience, baby.” He licked a trail down her stomach, drawing circles around her bellybutton. Her fingers clenched tighter in his hair. “Please, I can’t take much more,” she begged.
He grinned as he unbuttoned her jeans and kissed the spot right below her waistband. “You’ll take all I have to give you and more.” He unzipped her jeans and slowly slid them from her legs. He licked his way back up the insides of her milky, white thighs, but before he got to the juncture of her thighs he started on her other leg.
Rita was gripping the bedsheets, thrashing her head back and forth, her bottom lip pulled in between her teeth. She was riding the edge. The moment he touched her core she was going to go off like a rocket.
Finally he reached her center and he licked her through her panties. Her hips came off the bed involuntarily. “Oh, God!”
Rick took advantage of the moment and hooked his fingers under the waistband of panties. He pulled them down and took a deep breath of them before they also went the way of all the rest of her clothes. “You smell delicious baby.”
Rita didn’t have time to feel embarrassed by his lewed comment because his tongue was doing delicious things to her and her eyes rolled to the back of her head.
He sucked, nibbled and tongued the entrance to core. He licked everywhere but where she needed to be touched. He would just move a little more…ah…ah….damn. His tongue ventured south again.
Rita huffed out a sigh.
Rick chuckled and the vibration went straight through her. “Needing something baby?”
“Are you just toying with me?” She looked down at him. Seeing his dark blonde hair at the juncture of her thighs was a total turn on, but she would rather have his massive cock at her entrance instead.
“Just enjoying my treat, Sweetcheeks.” He licked her from the bottom her slit to the top avoiding her swollen nub. “I could eat you for hours.”
Rita threw her head back on the bed. Her arms came up and covered her face. “Oh God. I can’t take this for hours. Please, Rick.”
Suddenly he was there, over her, covering her with his strong body, his face right before hers. He removed her arms from her face and looked deep into her eyes. “This is the torture you’ve had me in for months, Rita. You gave me a sweet taste of you months ago and I’ve been in agony, burning for you.”
Rita didn’t know what to say. The Rick she knew didn’t wait months for a woman. The Rick she knew wasn’t this intense man hovering over her. She didn’t know how to handle this intense Rick. She was about to tell him to let her up and so she could leave, but then he kissed her. All thoughts escaped her after that.

Hope you enjoyed.

Yours in Romance
-Kay Daniels

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