Happy Birthday

Yesterday would have been my father’s 70th birthday. Unfortunately he passed away 3 ½ years ago and he never got to celebrate this milestone birthday.
Growing up, birthdays were never an overly big deal for him, especially since my little brother’s birthday was exactly one week after his. My dad was never a man to steal the thunder away from his children. Then when I had children they were born surrounding his birthday, one born on each side of day. We began the tradition of birthday-palooza month beginning with my youngest daughter and eventually ending with my older daughter. It seemed like we ate cake for a month beginning in July, not that I’m complaining.
My father was the glue that held our family together in more ways than I can count. My best friend, a man I spoke to almost every day, most times about nothing, or sometimes about very serious issues. A man you could joke with about anything or confide your deepest secret because you knew it would go no further.
Things change as all things do, time moves on, but the pain is always there in the background. Maybe not as pronounced at it was when he passed away, but perhaps a dull ache. In moments when I see his personality shine through in my kids. When I’m forced to remember how much I miss him and really wish I could share something with him.
Forever and ever I will be his little girl. The one who sat upon his lap and read stories with him. The one who swam with him in the summer time and called out “fader, fader, fader” as I held out my arms hoping he would catch me as I dove in over and over and over again. He never let me down and caught me each and every time.
The man who made me want to strive to better myself. To think that 100% wasn’t enough. To always achieve greatness in whatever you want to accomplish, even if it was just tying your shoes. To do everything with a smile and humor because if you weren’t having fun doing it then it probably wasn’t worth doing in the first place.
My dad was my hero. Love you forever Dad.
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