Fictional Characters vs. Real People


Fictional Characters: Whenever I begin a new book I usually have the character’s traits all mapped out, however as the story progresses it doesn’t always work out that someone gets to stay a certain way.  Sometimes the characters take over and tell me what to do or what they want.  Heck it is their world after all, if I could be a blonde I would be and if it makes the story better, why not?

What I love about fiction is just that; it’s fiction.  I can slip into a world where everything is better, I can pretend that I am a blonde and nothing else matters for just a little while.  How fantastic is that?
Reading introduces us to a world or worlds where anything is possible.  You can fly off to other places and times, be anything you want to be and do anything you want to do and yet be home by supper time.  It opens an entire world right before your eyes.
I always imagined myself stepping right into the pages as I opened a book.  I could literally envision I was right there, sharing the experience along with the characters until it was either time to put the book down for the night or until someone came along and snatched me out of my reading zone.
I do hope we can journey on this path together as author and reader.  As always reading should be a fantastic journey and enjoyed to its fullest pleasure.

I think what I detest the most when it comes to fictional characters is when a real person gets attached to them.  Not that I mind the hunky eye candy that usually comes with it, but some people don’t quite get the concept behind what being obsessed with a fictional character is vs. being obsessed with a real person is.  Let’s see if I can clarify this for you.

I adore Legolas from Lord of the Rings.  I have him as my screensaver, my desktop photo and even in my car since my car now allows an icon on the console.  So you could say I have a deep obsession with the tall, blonde, arrow-wielding elf.  Just a small one.

Others walk by my computer at work and ask if I’m in love with Orlando Bloome.  Um, not so much.  If I was, you would see pictures of Orlando, the man himself.  I would also have photos of him from the Pirate movie, Orlando not in character, Orlando, Orlando, Orlando. Not Legolas in every way shape and form.  I love the Tolkien story and the elf he created.  I love the banter between Gimli and Legolas.  If this was one story I could step into and actually stay in, I would so be a stalker of this particular elf. Sorry Legolas, but your daddy would probably have me banned or jailed or something I would guess.

The tall, leggy elf is not my only obsession.  I’m also a Twimom.  What can I say I read the books with my daughters and anything to inspire reading, I’m all for it.  Besides when it comes with men being shirtless most of the time, even better.  So this was another instance where, even to my daughters, I had to explain the difference between having an obsession with a character and an obsession with boys who were jailbait.


I had to explain to my girls that these boys, that brought back memories of when I was a young girl, were so devoted to Bella and the fact that they would never leave her side to the point of death, especially Jacob, even when she was in love with someone else.  That he would always be there for her and loved her unrequitedly.  Damn, how could you not fall for this guy?  Again, would so stalk this guy in literary land.


Now on to a man that wouldn’t land me in jail, Spartacus. Sigh.  This male specimen not only represents delicious eye candy every episode, but is the story of how one man proves he can make a difference.  Is Liam a delicious man to look at, don’t get me wrong, he is, but the story of Spartacus itself is one of inspiration.  How did one man lead an army against the entire Roman empire?  What is it that drove this man to stand up and say, “No more.”  Now that is a story I want to sink my teeth into.  Not to mention perhaps his pectorals 🙂


So I hope this gives you some insight into what makes up a fictional character vs. who plays them and perhaps will help if you someday read one of my literary works. And maybe, just maybe it might help when you see someone have an obsession with a character and you begin to question their sanity.


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