Backstabbing. Backstabbers. Backstabbed.


No matter how you use the word, you know the meaning. It doesn’t take too long, in our formidable years, to learn the definition of the word, even if we have no real word at the time to associate with the pain of the backstabbing act itself.

That brings me to my first point, how the word originated. For the true act of a backstabber is someone whom we’ve allowed into our lives close enough to even get near our backside. This shows either weakness or trust on our part, for a person would never show their back to an enemy. Then upon gaining our trust, this “friend” proceeds to plunge a knife into our back while standing mere feet away. Hence-backstabbing them.

Literal translation yes, but not far off the mark when you think how words can wound just the same.

Second point. No matter how you gain a persons trust; through work, friendship, love, etc… Backstabbers are everywhere. Relationships, no matter the level, are hard. You want to trust, because without it how does a relationship blossom and flourish? It doesn’t. Yet with trust, we must present our under bellies, our backs. Leaving ourselves wide open for a plunging knife.

Can a wound ever heal, once the knife has been removed from a deep stab wound? Does the relationship ever stand a chance if forgiveness is offered?

Hard to gain trust that has been broken. Hard to present you back to someone and ask them to watch it for you again. Makes you wish all relationships came with metal detectors and severe patdowns.



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