This small town series starts with “Beginnings”.  It takes place in the small town of Garden Grove. You will be introduced to the quirky people who make up this quaint town and quickly fall in love with Jane Woodman. A business woman who comes to town looking to open a bed and breakfast only to find out she not only bought a dusty run down farm, but she also inherited a sexy, reluctant, farmer who refuses to leave the property he feels is his.

Jake Cutland refuses to make Jane’s life easier by rolling over and giving up the land he’s worked hard to sow. The sooner she leaves the sooner he can buy the very home she took residence in. If he happens to reap a little of the benefits before she runs out of town, he will reap all he can.

The summer is hot and it is only the beginning.


The series continues with “Rescued”.

Rick Woodman is a man you love to hate. Jane’s brother-in-law is a man full of secrets, the biggest one of all, drew him to Garden Grove months ago in search of Jane when she mysteriously disappeared. It’s a secret he’s kept for years, from the very woman he’s currently helping out.  Wracked with guilt and still grieving over his brothers death, Rick is not the same man he was when he came rolling into town. A man who is infatuated with a small sprite of a woman who walked out on him.

Rita Hill hasn’t run from much in her life. She normally enjoys a good challenge, that was until she met Rick Woodman. Rick turned Rita inside out in a way that had her running scared, literally from Garden Grove until fate called her back home.

At a time when Rick has everything to loose and he has a lot of decisions to make when it comes to the small town that his sister-in-law has come to call home.  The only woman who ever seemed to run, literally, from his bed could be his executioner or his rescuer.


In the third book, “Scandalous”, James Cutland wasn’t looking for help to run his construction company, but even he had a hard time saying no to the woman who came in looking to organize his life. James Cutland refused to believe he needed help, but when Kera Harper walked in on one hot summer day it was practically impossible to say no. He just didn’t want to be the man who could possibly rip her organized, controlled life in to shreds.

Kera Harper wasn’t a woman who was used to taking handouts, but when she was forced to face the reality of either accepting help or moving into the luxurious cardboard box under the overpass, she found herself walking into the front door of Cutland Construction.

If the summer heat doesn’t burn the two of them up, their looks and passion finally ignite when they finally let their passion out. However, can they face the scandal that may burn them both? 20130328-211525.jpg


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