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“Fired Up Love”
Joe made a promise to his partner years ago.  A promise he never imagined he’d have to keep.  If one of them was killed in the line of duty, then the other was supposed to help take care of the others loved ones.  Joe never would have said yes if he would have known it brought him to the steps of Jill Cravens.
Jill finally had her life put together.  A steady job, a decent apartment and her heart finally mended from being left with no word of her steady boyfriend years before.  She certainly wasn’t ready for the impact when Joe slammed, literally, into her life and brought her news of her past that will put them both into a tailspin of wondering if they can have more than just fire between the sheets.


“Wedding Vows”
Growing up as a twin didn’t always have its advantages.  Trent and Trey Parker were identical on the outside, but on the inside they couldn’t be more opposite and it took Trent moving across the country to escape the pain he felt at losing the only girl he ever loved to the man who looked just like him, yet would never be worthy of her love.
Amy Trask had basically grown up in the Parker home.  She’d known her entire life she was going to marry one of the brothers, but as her wedding day was fast approaching, she was suddenly questioning her choice on picking the wrong brother.  She’d been best friends with Trent since childhood, but had never pursued anything further, since she’d set her sights on Trey.  Could that friendship blossom into something stronger?  Could her heart have been telling her something all along? 



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