Fantasy Novels

Fantasy Novels

“The Golden Wager”
Karina is the only daughter born to the The MacLaren, Laird of the Clan MacLaren.  It was whispered among the clansmen that Karina is a Leannan Shi’, a fairy known for mystical powers in legends of the Highlanders.  The women known as Leannan Shi’ can supposedly reveal the future and Karina has been blessed (or cursed as she feels) with this gift. More often than not Karina’s “gift” gets her into trouble as it does the night she meets Devlin, Commander from the Clan of MacBaide, the very clan that has been the arch enemy of the MacLaren’s for years.

Devlin swears he is seeing a vision when a woman surfaces from the lake before him.  She had bewitched him and before he even gets her name she disappears.  His thoughts are consumed by her.  What he doesn’t realize is that the new squire who travels with their troops is also the same woman who possess his every thought.

Will Karina’s stubborness cost her clan everything and will Devlin give up the very woman who stole his heart to see past his foolish pride? Devlin and Karina must save their clans before all is lost, but can they do it at the cost of losing each other?

scottish lass


“Caitriona: Shadows” A young adult novel.

Cait Ferree was just your ordinary wallflower in school.  Hoping to graduate unnoticed.  Getting through life as painlessly as possible so she can hopefully escape the small town she lives in along with meager upbringing she’s had.  That plan goes hopelessly downhill when Fionn MacCumhal steps into her life.  He is sworn to protect her, train her, and at all costs never let the Dark Druid near her.
Cait’s world changes forever the moment she meets Fionn and there is no going back.  He sweeps her into a new world where she learns there is more than just good and evil.  She has to learn who to trust and things aren’t always what they seem.  Can a wallflower really make a difference in a war against good and evil?  She is just a girl from a small town thrown into world with giant fantastic consequences. Isn’t this some kind of mistake?  Caitriona is filled with doubts that shadow her throughout her journey.  Will she be strong enough to survive?

The journey continues in “Caitriona: Darkness”, a work still progress.



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