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Yummy, Delicious, and Worth the Wait!


Unbreak My Heart (Rough Riders Legacy series Book 1) 

This review is from: June 21, 2016 By kayreader (Kindle Edition)

The teenage girl who lives inside of me found an instant connection to Sierra (Daniels) McKay when I met her in Gone Country. Of course my eternal teen instantly fell in love with the mysterious, bad boy Boone West as well. As her journey had barely begun my heart broke along with hers when Boone left with just a kiss and no promise of tomorrow.

Fast forward seven years and Sierra never expected to see Boone West again. Or maybe it was hoped. Yes, that must be it. She certainly never expected him to come walking back into her life looking all yummy and delicious and so darn sexy. Well, he was always yummy, but damn him, he wasn’t ever supposed to be return. She was a successful businesswoman and she didn’t need Boone West in her life. He could kiss her ass as she walked out on him and all of his persistent advances. She wasn’t going to open her heart again to the charms of one Boone West.

Boone left Wyoming and the only good thing he’d ever had in his life to make himself worthy of that one good thing, Sierra Daniels….er McKay. It seems her last name isn’t the only thing that had changed in the seven years since he left Sierra. Boone’s military unit placed him in the same location as Sierra and he took that as a sign that destiny finally said, “get off your butt and make your move”. Boone never forgot about Sierra and he wouldn’t give up until he made her realize they were meant to be. She’d always been his and he’d always been hers. They just needed a little time to find themselves before they refound each other.

I devoured this story. Four 1/2 years I’ve waited for their love to be rekindled and it was perfect. Lorelei did their story justice. You get glimpses into other McKay offspring which I absolutely adore. The story flows continuously which made it very difficult to put down and go to sleep. As for Boone and Sierra I connected with each of them. I wanted to scream, “this is so me!” numerous times. I loved it.

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