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Enthralled with What You Need. It was exactly what I needed in a book!

What You Need (The Need You Series Book 1) 

This review is from: July 2, 2016 By kayreader  (Kindle Edition)

A girl with a wild past looking for a stable future. A shy, geeky, yet sexy man looking for some fun. This is not your typical hero/heroine book. Brady Lund is the CFO of his families multi-billionaire run corporation. He doesn’t have time for fun. His meddling family has different ideas. They are concerned for his well-being and want to see him loosen up, loosen his tie, loosen something, anything. Brady knows his family means well, but he can find his own fun. He just chooses not to. Until he meets Lennox.

Lennox Greene didn’t grow up in the most stable of homes. As a matter of fact she’s still trying to figure out what she wants to do with the rest of her life. Currently she works as a temp at Lund Industries. She’s been working hard to build a better future than what she left in her past. It’s not like she’s not running from it. Jogging maybe. So if a sexy, executive asks her to engage in a few of her wild habits from her past it still counts as moving forward, right?

Lennox’s wild past may be just what Brady needs. Brady may be the stable guy Lennox is looking for. However, are they looking for the same things at the same time?

This is a delicious story that had me reading every word until I had to finish the book. I then had to reread it because I loved these characters that much.

Lorelei has a beautiful way of writing a billionaire that is extremely relatable to the point that I’m crying over his insecurities. This book is full of small moments that made a huge impact for me personally. I needed Kleenex by my side during numerous scenes, so be prepared.

Pick up What You Need and you won’t be disappointed.

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