A New Must Read in the Need You Series! p.s. You’ll fall in love with Walker Lund ❤


Just What I Needed (The Need You Series Book 2)
This review is from: August 2, 2016 By kayreader  (Kindle Edition)

A second book, told in first POV, in a hot new contemporary series by Lorelei James. This book catapulted my love for the hard working outdoorsy man right back to the top of my heartthrob list. The Lund men have proven to have it all whether they don a suit or wear flannel. I need a Lund man in my life.

Trinity Carlson is completely relatable. I found myself thinking, “This is me. I feel the exact same way.”
Trinity is quirky, funny and like many of us, full of self-doubt. She’s an artist and sold numerous paintings, sculptures, mixed media; you name it and Trinity has a hard time locking down her one true specific art craft. Yet, every time she is commissioned she wonders if she is good enough. Her history and background don’t help squash those feelings, but I’d like to believe it’s a human trait we all share. Whether you are a lawyer, a baker, a swimsuit model, or a stay at home mother it is a battle we all face. At some point we stop and ask, “Am I good enough?”

Walker Lund is my new favorite book boyfriend. The rough hands, the man-bun, and his soft beard. The man screams hot, sexy male. Yet, underneath the rough exterior is a gentle heart, of what I believe, is the sweetest Lund of the family.
Walker runs a construction business with a partner that is not a fellow family member. He feels he is the black sheep of the Lund family tree because of his choices that led him down a different path than his brothers/sisters/cousins, but as you get to know him you see that he is the one that everyone in the family turns to when they need help. Walker Lund is swoon worthy on every level and checks off every box for hunky, hot and down right panty-melting. I’m really hoping Lorelei knows him personally and this entire story is actually a biography. ~Sigh~ A girl can wish.

The sexual tension between Walker and Trinity was enough to pretty much melt my iPad. Roting for these two was easy and I couldn’t stop reading once I started. If you read the first book (which you don’t have to because this book reads easy on its own) you will love catching up with the entire Lund family. Lorelei has a knack for building families you can’t wait to catch glimpses of.

Walker Lund
My favorite new book boyfriend ❤ Did someone order a lumbersexual, man-bun, blue eyed, bearded, Norse God?



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