Hold On For a Crazy Ride

Felony Ever After (A Standalone Story)
This review is from: August 27,2016 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition-Goodreads)

by Helena Hunting (Author), Debra Anastasia (Author), Nina Bocci (Author), Vi Keeland (Author), Penelope Ward (Author), Leisa Rayven (Author), Liv Morris (Author), Tijan (Author), JM Darhower (Author), Belle Aurora (Author), KA Robinson (Author), SM Lumetta (Author), Katherine Stevens (Author)

This is a standalone story, ONE story, I repeat in case reading all the author names threw you. I don’t blame you. Normally a comglomeration of author names means an anthology of many stories. How could this possibly work? Thirteen people, one story? Don’t let the idea of one story turn you away because Felony After After was brilliant!

The book begins with how the idea was pulled off. Thirteen authors who joined together to write one story. Think of it like the adult version of the telephone game. One author would write a chapter than pass the story off to the next author to continue the story who would then twist and warp the storyline in their own voice then pass it off to the next willing victim, I mean author and so on and so forth until the end of the story. Hopefully at the end of the game it still has some truth to the original story, right? I’m sure there was much more liquor involved during this process than an actual adult telephone game, er…I mean I’m sure they were very professional.

Seriously, this was a fun read.

You can tell the subtle differences in author voices, which I think adds to the unique flavor of the book. It enhances the layering of the overall story instead of being a distraction. I will admit there were author voices that stood out more to my liking more than others, but that didn’t mean I like the story as a whole.

As for Felony Ever After, it is a must read. Verity Michaels meets Hudson Fenn when he steals her cab, literally. He hops into the drivers seat when her cabby is distracted and then proceeds to drive her to destination. Verity wonders if it’s possible to fall for a felon or was he actually her white knight? Since Hudson now continues to pop up when she needs rescuing. Hudson keeps quite a few secrets which hold Verity back, but there is just something about a white knight who is walking the line of a tad dangerous. Hold on for a crazy ride when you dive into Felony Ever After.

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