22, 1, Ready, Set, Hike! One Sexy Ball Player, Please!

Lady and the Champ (A Standalone Story)
This review is from: August 21,2016 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition-Goodreads)

by Katherine Lace (Author)

I was prepared for another cocky sports book. The typical over-inflated ego of a ball player who meets a girl that tests his inner male caveman and then presumptly knocks him flat on his ass, they go at it like rabbits and then *BAM* HEA . Don’t get me wrong, I love those stories, or I wouldn’t have bought this book thinking is was anything other than what I stated above, but I was pleasantly surprised to find this book was filled more depth than just the typical story.

Chloe is a sports physical therapist working in a man’s world. (You go girl!) She not only is a sports PT, but is rubbing down hot, sweaty men in the NFL. You talk about pressure. I know not only does it suck to see men who do the same job you do earn more money, but also advancing, earning incentives just because they have a penis. Women have to work twice as hard to earn the same respect men do and even then men think women did something, like sleep their way into their position, instead of working hard to get where they did. This makes Chloe’s job extra hard especially when she continually gets hit on by the sexy football players she works with. Her stance is pretty firm most of the way through the book, especially when you hear her backstory, I agree with her stance even more. Now I don’t work with mostly naked NFL sports stars, but I did emphasize with Chloe nonetheless. Yet, on the other hand, she is rubbing down hot, sexy, naked men. A woman’s resolve will take you only so far. 

Austin starts out as the typical ball player with one goal in mind, getting into Chloe’s pants, and I will say every attempt he made is quite comical. That alone possibly would have won me over. However, what set Austin apart from most male characters is he is very aware of his inner motivations. He knows he’s a manwhore and he’s also aware of what he wants. Chloe is great with his daughter and he even has this need to introduce her to his mother. Something he’s never felt before. Austin never runs from his feelings or his past which was actually refreshing. He pretty much sets out on a mission to win over Chloe at all costs, which isn’t always in the best interest of Chloe and her career. He knows that pursuing Chloe is wrong, but he also knows that he likes and respects her for her. He thinks she’s just awesome, getting Chloe riled up is just an added bonus. 

Even though you know it goes against what Chloe believes it’s hard not to like Austin and root for him at the same time you also root for Chloe. So even as much as I respected Chloe and her stance to stick up for how hard she worked to get where she was, I also really liked Austin and enjoyed reading what antics he would pull to ruffle Chloe’s feathers next. This was an excellent cat and mouse game of who would cave first. A very enjoyable read.

-On a side note; depending on what version you get you may get two additional stories added as a bonus. If you do, just know they are very different than Lady and the Champ. Katherine Lace does add a warning before you dive into the additional stories. For the purposes of this review I’ve only reviewed Lady and the Champ.

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