I am thoroughly Pucked


Pucked  (Series)
This review is from: August 29,2016 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition)

by Helena Hunting (Author)

This book kept popping up as a suggested read and I have to admit the title alone intrigued me, but it wasn’t until a friend suggested reading it that I finally got Pucked.

From the moment I read chapter one I was hooked. Violet Hall is insanely outrageous with zero filter, I fell in love with her immediately. She’s smart, clumsy, adorable and I wanted to be her BFF. Can you say, total girl crush on everything Violet. It is probably the exact reason Alex Waters, the NHL hockey player, can never seem to get enough of her either.

Alex is a huge romantic with a huge hockey stick who knows how to use it both on and off the ice, plus he has a brain, so what is the problem?

Violet has a stepbrother who also happens to be a hockey player and guess what, he was recently traded to Alex’s team. That is problem #1. Her stepbrother is also the a huge manwhore and she is all too aware that hockey “player” doesn’t always mean that all the playing is done on the ice. She isn’t exactly ready to fall for the first hot, brainy, hockey player just because he has a big….stick.

Again, what is Violet’s problem?  Just kidding….Violet’s history with hockey players unfortunately skews what could be a great relationship with the perfect man. Well, mostly perfect man.  Like most guys Alex stumbles and trips over his….stick….along his journey to win Violet’s heart. Between Alex’s beaver winning gifts and Violet’s insane humor and quirky ways you can’t help but fall in love with Pucked.

The fun continues in Pucked Up, Pucked Over and Forever Pucked. Pick up the entire series you won’t regret it.


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