Hot Nerd Alert; Mister O is On Set


Mister O (A Standalone Story)
This review is from: September 1,2016 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition)

by Lauren Blakely (Author)

Have you ever wondered what happened to the geek from art class? You know the one who sat in the back of class and spent more time day doodling instead of dating? Do you think he died a lonely existence with just his thoughts and his…hand drawings to keep him company?

What if that geek instead became famous drawing a comic strip, one where the hero satisfied hundreds, no, thousands of women?  Yes, that very geek is the famous Mister O.

Nick Hammer has the perfect job. He is Mister O, technically he draws the comic strip turned animated TV short revolving around the incredible Mister O’s life, but that is just a minor detail. Yes, Nick Hammer, is living the perfect life.

Well, it was perfect right up until the moment his best friend’s sister, Harper Holiday, asked him for a no strings attached, teach her how to have a fling, let her hair down affair.

Uh, no problem. Right?

One teeny, tiny, giant problem. When did Harper suddenly become insanely hot?

I loved this story told entirely from Nick’s POV. A man who thinks his life is fantastic, and let’s face it, on paper it is, if you ask just about any warm blooded male, but when Nick meets a woman who finally gets his creative juices flowing…could it be the end of Mister O?

The story is funny, endearing and one to add to your must reads.

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