This Ball Handler Goes From Cursed to Lucky


Hard Luck (A Standalone Story)
This review is from: September 12,2016 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition)

by Liv Morris (Author)

Let me first say that I loved that this book revolved around the Cubs. Being a lifelong fan and knowing the history of my beloved team (yes, brutal, torturous, agonizing history of being a fan) I still loved the premise of this book. It wasn’t a huge stretch to take a guess where Liv Morris got her inspiration when she wrote about one sexy, blue-eyed, rookie, third baseman with tight buns. Our Cubs third baseman is sex on legs. Yum.

Okay, back to the review.

To be frank, during the first chapter I wondered, “What am I reading?”

Brady Luck was too cocky. The kind of cocky that I began to wonder if he could actually pull himself out and redeem himself. He was a downright ass.

Then I came to chapter two and I saw redemption in the form of Cali Jones, the real ball handler of the story. Technically she is a Physicians Assistant for a proctologist, but who’s keeping track?

What cocky ball player seeks help when his own equipment stops working? By cover of a fake name and fake address does he seek out the best ball handler in all of Chicago that’s what a cocky ball player does. Okay, the puns work really well in this book and are quite funny when you run across them. At least with my sick humor I thought so.  Cali’s POV was quirky and made the book worth while. She is someone you could relate to, not that I’m saying I’m someone who handles dicks and balls all day, but more like her life is an organized mess. Hello! Completely relatable here. Although the life of handling dicks and balls is a tempting one…..

Okay I’ll get back to the review.

Once Brady meets Cali he did begin to grow on me, perhaps more so because Cali was always there to knock him down a few pegs, but overall I was glad I kept reading past chapter one. The puns alone had me laughing out loud and of course I was able to cheer on my favorite team, even if it was fiction.

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