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A Masterly Crafted Story

Submission is Not Enough; Masters and Mercenaries (Series)
by Lexi Blake (Author)

This review is from: October 29,2016 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition)

Submission is Not Enough is one of the best Lexi Blake, Master and Mercenaries, books to date. Erin and Theo’s story was so masterly crafted that you discover, or remember along with Theo, just how long ago their love story actually began. I always enjoy reminiscing with former characters, which Lexi has skillfully crafted within McKay-Taggert so no one ever is really forgotten, but this story went beyond just family get-togethers. Let me see if I can highlight why you will not be able to put this book down once you start.

Theo and his twin brother, Case Taggert, joined the Master and Mercenaries series several books ago. The romance between Erin and Theo was not instantaneous, as a matter of fact, Erin pretty much hated every single thing that Theo did, that even including existing. That sounds like a perfect romance story you say. Yin and yang.   Well, this went beyond opposites attract. Erin was a hollowed out, darkly seasoned, kill-you-for-looking-at-her-the-wrong-way bitch. That is probably putting it nicely. Ian Taggert loved every dirty, nasty quality about Erin, she was a hard working employee of his, she was sort of the female version of himself. Now his brother on the other hand was the complete opposite. Yes, Theo had been a Navy SEAL and former CIA operative, but he was also optimistic, Mr. Sunny sunshine lets make the world a better place. Ian didn’t understand his brother one bit. I think he actually wondered if Theo was his brother on numerous occasions. If Theo didn’t look just like him, I’m sure Ian would have ordered a DNA test. It was actually Ian’s idea to pair Erin and Theo together on an assignment in hopes that Erin’s hard ways would rub off on Theo. Not that they would actually rub off each other. He did have a business to run after all and he was getting tired of all of his field ops growing vaginas. Or at least losing his field operatives when they became family men. So potato-potatoe or something along those lines. I love Ian Taggert, which I believe I’ve said before. He says what’s on his mind, yet he’s also manipulative and sneaky. I can’t get enough.

Back to Erin and Theo. It wasn’t until I was throughly engrossed in Submission is Not Enough that I truly began to realize just how long this love-hate relationship had been going on between Erin and Theo. You see, Lexi Blake does a beautiful job retelling their falling-in-love tale through their eyes as former stories take place around them. You get to revisit Faith and Ten from Master No along with Jesse and Phoebe from You Only Love Twice just to name a few. I loved hearing, not only a different side to old stories, but also reading a new one as well.

The character growth for these two people has to be the biggest metamorphosis I’ve ever read. You expect every character you read to come out at the end a wiser and hopefully happier person because they finally have their true love. These two characters intersect and weave between the dark and light. The stark contrast of where you see one has complete darkness in their soul the other tries to fill it with light is poignant, there is no happy medium with these two. It is all or nothing and completely beautiful to watch. The ramifications of not being there for the other is almost more than you can stand. They have to complete the other. They just have to!

Okay, panic attack abated and lastly I’ll say normally the Master and Mercenaries books are filled with spy tales, espionage, and lots of mercenary stuff, which is exciting to read, but this book blended the past with the present in such a beautiful way that the spy stuff didn’t overwhelm the heart of the story. Lexi is a master of layering her characters and plots where everything is very visual and I’m never left wondering who is who, aside from who might pop up in her next book. I love the anticipation and look forward to each and every installment. The next Masters and Mercenaries book is due this coming spring of 2017, but if you need a snack like I do in between, she has a few novellas from Topped coming out, a series spinoff where Chef Sean Taggert has mastered the kitchen, but his team is still learning what it takes to master his art. Also from Lawless, another series spinoff in which Case Taggert married into the Lawless family, a family who’s spent a lifetime seeking revenge. Make sure to check them both out.

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Hard to Resist a Hero Who Toes the Edge of Danger


Hard Ink (Series)
This review is from: October 16,2016 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition)

by Laura Kaye (Author)

This is another series that if you haven’t run across it yet, once you start you will be hooked for the entire ride. Laura Kaye crafted a brilliant story arc that grabs you from book one and makes you diving for the next book before you’ve barely put down the last. This is a series that you will want to read in order.

In Book one, Hard as it Gets, Becca Merritt walks into Hard Ink Tattoo with little to no information except to find a man named Rixey. This was a man whom her father trusted, it was his second in command. Little did she know that Nick Rixey hated his ex-commander. Nor did she know that her father was responsible for nearly getting Nick killed while at the same time destroying his military career. If she did she never would have sought out his help, even if he was her last hope of finding her missing brother.

Nick Rixey never thought he’d meet another Merritt, especially one who was cute, troubled, or desperate as Becca Merritt seemed. Nope, he was out of the hero business.  A new future lay ahead of him. The past was buried and he had no desire to dig up what really happened in the dessert. Did he? On second thought, or perhaps it was all the chatter his brother, Jeremy wouldn’t stop going on about, maybe Becca could help him reclaim what he had lost, while he helped her find her brother. Now if only his brother Jeremy would stop pestering him about doing the right thing.

You can’t help but fall for Jeremy and his outlandish t-shirt collection. It makes me wish Laura sold the t-shirts she wrote about. Marketing stop here I come. Anyway, it’s actually Jeremy’s tattoo shop and it becomes the central hub for all the action in every Hard Ink book.  You get to meet every main character as Nick has to eat quite a bit of crow by the end of book one. Personally, I think this is why the series grips you so hard, it touched on real issues while still living in a fiction world. I LOVED THAT! Laura Kaye was able to write a fantastic investigation/action/mercenary/HEA series while still keeping things grounded. It is A-MA-ZING! To say I couldn’t get enough is an understatement.

Hard Ink is a collection of five full length novels and two novellas. There are also two crossover novellas that begin two new series that branch off the Hard Ink series. So if you are like me and a hard core Laura Kaye fan who just can’t get enough, here is a list of the series in order.

Hard Ink Series
Hard as it Gets #1
Hard as You Can #2
Hard to Hold On To: A Hard Ink Novella 
Hard to Come By #3
Hard to Be Good: A Hard Ink Novella #3.5
Hard to Let Go
Hard as Steel: A Crossover Hard Ink/Raven Riders Novella 
Hard Ever After #5
Hard to Serve: A Crossover Hard Ink/Blasphemy Novella 

Ride Hard: Raven Riders (A new series breakoff from Hard Ink)

Bound to Submit: Blasphemy (A new series breakoff from Hard Ink)

Find several of Laura Kaye’s novels on Amazon, her latest book just released this past week, Laura Kaye-Bound to Submit: Blasphemy


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I Should Be Punished For Not Writing This Review Sooner (P.S. I am not a bratty sub)


Masters and Mercenaries (Series)
This review is from: October 13,2016 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition)

by Lexi Blake (Author)

It is a world of ex-military men who take charge both in the bedroom and out however when they meet the right women these alpha males are brought to their knees. Amidst danger that seems to constantly surround them they just might find love while saving the world.

Lexi’s characters are rich, full of depth and live in a world that is page-turning and believable. Her family grows bigger with each book, yet her core players return and are invested in the world she has created. You are never left hanging or wondering “who was that again?” The world and people you meet in book 1 is a solid foundation that builds and grows that I am now salivating for the release of book 12. I am eagerly anticipating the return of all my favorites while reading a new story. Plus I dare you not to fall in love with the infallible Ian Taggart and his crazy “family”. It is a challenge that you will not easily win.

I started this series a few years ago. So why am I just reviewing it now? Well, I read Book 11, Dominance Never Dies, this summer and Book 12, Submission is Not Enough, comes out on October 25th. I hope anyone who reads this blog has enough time to catch up on any books they’ve missed before the latest book comes out. (See the list below to check what books you possibly could have missed and once again forgive me for not allowing enough time to catch up.)

I regret that I haven’t reviewed Lexi Blake as she is one of my go-to-authors for auto pre-orders. I never miss one of her releases. So let me say, if you haven’t read Lexi Blake yet, anything she writes is amazing! Strap in for a wonderful journey you’ll love it, trust me.

So with that said, Masters and Mercenaries is a series filled with full-length novels and novellas. You can jump in at any point, read any book as a stand alone, but starting at the beginning, if you haven’t started this series yet, is a great choice.

Masters and Mercenaries series:
The Dom Who Loved Me #1
The Men With the Golden Cuffs #2
A Dom is Forever #3
On Her Master’s Secret Service #4
Sanctum: A Masters and Mercenaries Novella
Love and Let Die #5
Unconditional: A Masters and Mercenaries Novella
Dungeon Royale #6
Dungeon Games: A Masters and Mercenaries Novella
A View to a Thrill #7
Cherished: A Masters and Mercenaries Novella
You Only Love Twice #8
Luscious: Masters and Mercenaries – Topped
Adored: A Masters and Mercenaries Novella
Master No #9
Just One Taste : Masters and Mercenaries – Topped
From Sanctum with Love #10
Devoted: A Masters and Mercenaries Novella
Dominance Never Dies #11
Ruthless: A Lawless Novel (A new series breakoff from Masters & Mercenaries)
Submission is Not Enough #12
Satisfaction: A Lawless Novel (coming January 2017)
Revenge: A Lawless Novel (coming June 2017)

Find several of Lexi Blake’s novels currently on sale, or her first novel free on Amazon, Lexi Blake-The Dom Who Loved Me

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Hot Hockey Men and Hot Tattooed Men, Crossover Novels are the Best!

Get Inked  (A Pucked and Clipped Wings Crossover Novel )

This review is from: October 12,2016 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition)

by Helena Hunting (Author)

Loved, loved, loved this crossover novel! The Pucked series was one of my favorite finds this past year and I for one was hoping for more. The Clipped Wings series was darker, but just as good so when I saw this book it was basically a book boyfriend wet dream come true.

Get Inked is a fantastic blend of both worlds. You meet up with every character again (Violet being one of my favorites), get a quick recap of what everyone has been up to, and then quickly move forward with that feeling that Helena isn’t done with her sexy men of the NHL (can I get an Alleluia because I love the world she has created and I hope she continues writing about them for many more books to come).

If you enjoyed either of the series I would recommend reading Get Inked. It is a continuation of the original series and a bridge between new novels coming out this fall in both Pucked and Clipped Wings.

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This and That

This and That

This and That

I love to write about various topics. Anything from the scorching topic of- Fifty Shades; is it your cup of tea? To What kind of fantasy men do you think about when you read a romance novel?

I believe romance touches every aspect of our lives. As women we are mental beings, meaning, we over think and analyze every minute detail down to the smallest atom. For instance; If we ask our husbands to do something and they don’t respond immediately our brains go on alert wondering if we did something wrong. Am I too fat? Is it the outfit I have on? Maybe I said it too bitchy? Maybe he’s just a dick and this is all just one HUGE sham of a marriage! Perhaps it’s his mother, yes that’s it, she finally got to him, she never liked me anyway!….Oh wait, a football game is on AND he has his phone in his hand. That’s a double whammy. He never pays attention when just one of those is happening….It looks like I just overreacted, again. I guess I’ll ask him to take out the garbage later….stupid football.

What is their thought process? ……………………………………………….Touchdown…………………Yeah, that word works for the actual sport, during sex, and while eating I have discovered. There isn’t a whole lot in between and they don’t over analyze.

Aside from the debate on Men vs. Women I hope you enjoy reading the articles that feature on This and That.

Thanks for stopping by. Keep reading, keep writing, and keep dreaming!

~Kay Daniels