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The Manhattan Memoirs; A Bedtime Story, Volumes #1 and #2 (Series)
by J.D. Lexx (Author)

This review is from: December 11, 2016 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition)

Both Manhattan Memoirs are quick reads, a true bedtime story that you can start and finish right before bed. With that being said it took me just a bit to get invested in volume one. J.D. Lexx is an overly descriptive writer. Something I normally enjoy, but I felt for a book that is only 46 pages in length when he went on, at length, for pages about New York City it lost the excitement that a short story usually holds. It wasn’t until half way through the book that the story really picked up and grabbed me which lead me to volume two.

Volume two started with sizzle and fire and held me for most of the book. unfortunately I lost the subplot along the way. Once again for such a short book there was a lot going on. Overall I enjoyed Manhattan Memoirs as long as I didn’t try to dig too deep into what was going on with all the subplots.

Manhattan Memoirs is about a business man who moves to NYC and on his first night in town meets a woman with whom he’s been chatting with through texts and emails. She is everything and more than he could ever imagine, yet he discovers that there is a deception, a world he wasn’t privy to and he wants in, but at what cost?

Since I prefer to focus on the positive with book reviews, knowing all the hard work authors put into their craft, here’s why you should pick up Manhattan Memoirs; They are very quick reads you can start and finish in one sitting. Because J.D. Lexx is a descriptive writer the sex scenes will steam up your bedroom. If you enjoy a series this is one that will continue to grow.

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