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Three Fat Singletons (A standalone story)
by J.M. Bartholomew (Author)

This review is from: December 11, 2016 By Kay Daniels (eReader Edition-Goodreads)

I haven’t read a chick lit book in quite some time so to be honest it took me a while to shake the “when is the main character going to meet her guy and fall in love” vibe from my system.

Three Fat Singletons is about three overweight friends who have lousy luck at dating and relationships. They have only each other to rely upon after each failed attempt or blunder with men and prove over and over again that it’s more important to have a good girlfriend than a lousy man in your life.

Now aside from my own reprogramming from romance reader to chick lit, the other thing I did have to make adjustments for was J.M. Bartholomew writes in British slang. For 95% of what was said I was able to surmise what the author meant by verbal cues and plot, as for the other 5% that I couldn’t guess it didn’t harm the storyline by just moving forward.

So for anyone looking for a “Brit lit” book where the characters make horrible decisions, yet at the end of the day know you have your friends always by your side then Three Fat Singletons is a trip across the pond to jump into.

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