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So, So, So Satisfied with Lawlessness

Satisfaction; A Lawless Novel (Series)
by Lexi Blake (Author)

This review is from: January 22, 2017 By Kay Daniels (ePub Edition-Goodreads)
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Brandon Lawless is a sweet, but rabid puppy-at least that is how Ian Taggert describes him. It isn’t exactly what Carly wants to hear, but tactful as always Ian lays it all out there. I adore Ian’s cameo moments as much as I adore each book Lexi Blake writes, but Carly, the heroine, isn’t thrilled with the image she is left with. Flawed, filled with anger, but giving without any thought to himself, this is the man that makes up Brandon Lawless.

Brandon, or Bran as he prefers to be called, never felt he fit in anywhere. He is the youngest Lawless sibling and after his parents were killed he is also the child that spent the most time in the foster system. Once he was reunited with his brothers and sister, he dutifully did what they told him to do, but the feeling of rightness in his world, still was never there. Why? He wasn’t quite sure. He knew he should want revenge like his brothers, but deep down he also knew he was different.

Then he met Carly.

She changed everything. She made him feel lighter. She made him feel…well perhaps that was it, she made him feel.

Carly worked for the devil, the latest target on the Lawless list of revenge, and he’d vowed to bring justice to his family by bringing the devil down. They join forces and Bran quickly realizes that Carly is on his side. As things progress he knows that a future with her is more important than fulfilling a revengeful past. He will walk away from it all praying she will leave with him. It’s a risk, but one he’s willing to take.

These two are a perfect blend of filling wants and needs. Carly needs to feel useful in her world. She has been taken advantage of and stepped on for way too long. Bran needs someone to give him stability in his life and fill his heart with love. They are a perfect pair of give and take and I throughly enjoyed this book from beginning to end.

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