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Bad Boys With Hearts of Gold

Billionaire Bad Boys (Anthology)
by Kira Blakely (Author)

This review is from: January 29, 2017 By Kay Daniels (ePub Edition)
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥

The Billionaire Bad Boys contains three individual stories that intertwines at various stages, but overall are three stand alone books within one novel.

The book begins with Dawson and Alexia. He is a man turned rags to riches, but he is done with the false life that has built up around him. He’s looking for something real, if such a thing even exists anymore. Alexia recently moved from a small town and needs a job, Dawson’s company is hiring. Perfect. Once the two meet there is instant attraction, yet Alexia’s home values keep her from jumping right into the sack with with the powerful billionaire. Right there is Dawson’s moth to flame draw.

The second story is about Ashton and Laura. Both are friends of Dawson and Alexia. Ashton also came from humble beginnings and Laura even though she came from the same small town as Alexia isn’t exactly the same nieve girl that Lexia is. Ashton and Laura’s chemistry is different than the previous couple. Can Ashton believe Laura? You should enjoy their story especially right after finishing Dawson and Alexia’s book.

The third part of the book finishes with Jackson and Hope. Jackson is a longtime friend of Ashton’s. Another man who began with humble beginnings and made himself into something better than his past. Hope moves into the apartment across from Laura and Alexia, so the three women also form a bond that the men already have. Jackson takes an interest in Hope’s work which shows his big heart, transforming this billionaire from bad boy to sweet lover.

All three men feel they are too jaded to ever find something real given their upbringings. It’s a lovely story that shows there is hope for everyone.

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