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Raw Emotional Read With All the Feels

Raw Deal; Larson Brothers (Series)
by Cherrie Lynn (Author)

This review is from: January 30, 2017 By Kay Daniels (ePub Edition)
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Oh @CherrieLynn how I’ve missed your books.

Raw Deal is by far the best book written by Cherrie Lynn’s to date and I loved, loved, loved her Ross Siblings series.

The book begins at a funeral. Savannah Dugas is attending her brothers funeral to be exact. Her brother, Tommy, died during an MMA match fighting Mike “Larceny” Larson. It is during this opening scene that you see Savannah surrounded by family, her sister-in-law sobbing on one side and her mother on the other, but Savannah braving a face looks up and silently asks for a sign that everything will be alright. It is then that she sees what she thinks is a sign, a bald eagle, the symbol that was tattooed upon her brothers back, flying right above the memorial. Who else should appear right as she asked for a sign? Mike Larson, the killer himself.

Mike was beside himself from the beginning of the story. Remorseful and respectful of the Dugas family. The instant attraction he felt for Savannah hit him hard, but he never pushed her knowing he was the man who put her brother in the ground. With his own guts in turmoil he wrestled with the thoughts of retiring. Especially once he got to know Savannah. Life was short and she made it worth living, but he’s not entirely sure he can keep his demons at bay. Savannah cannot witness another man she cares about entering the cage, but it is who he is.

Both characters struggle with grief over the same man. They also help each other heal which was a mind f**k to watch as you witness the emotional turmoil for both of them. Cherrie Lynn wove a beautiful tale from all the perspectives that dealt with the loss and the ups and downs of the aftermath.

“The only anchor she had in the maelstrom of emotions was the hand that might very well have ended Tommy’s life.”

Raw Deal is an emotional, gut wretching, can’t tear your eyes from the pages, rollercoaster emotional, all sorts of feels kind of read.

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