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Losing My Virginity to Romance

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Losing My Virginity to Romance-Part 1

My love affair with romance began back farther than I can remember. What I do recall is the very thought of being in love as an idealistic notion that sent hearts into my eyes and my thoughts day dreaming of white knights. I knew that love righted all wrongs and I couldn’t wait until the day that the man of my dreams rode up on his white horse and swept me off my feet.


I know, completely cliché, but I was a young girl and these were my dreams. This was of course before I  was thrust into the cruel dating world and I found out how boys truly were, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

My pre-teen years were spent reading various high school series where the awkward girl always wins over the brooding bad boy. She gets amazing friends and all is right with the world. I wasn’t old enough to know reality didn’t quite work that way, yet.


By the time I was an actual angsty teenager I was dying to meet my bad boy heartthrob. The man who would look past my horrible hair-do, braces, and budding awkwardness and fall deeply in love with the real me.

Um……yeah, that so did not happen.

Instead, I lusted after the wrong boys, well, I suppose I was following the advice I’d been reading up to that point. However, the boys in my life had not been reading the manuals as per instructed. They were supposed to change and sweep me off my feet and there would be happily ever after endings for everyone right?

Sadly, no. I suffered teenage heartbreak, turmoil and humiliation. I do believe that part of teenagedom I nailed to a tee. I don’t think I read the correct books to prepare me for this.

So, in between all the angst and hot wrong boys who bruised my ticker, this was the time where I actually did meet my one true love. He came in the form of a bodice ripping, redeemable rake, who was on the cover of a historical romance book. Oh, how my world changed the day I was introduced to my first romance novel. I’ve never been the same since he took my virginity.


Stay tuned for next time—

Losing My Virginity to Romance-Part 2

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