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Another Hit By Blake


For His Eyes Only; Masters and Mercenaries (Series)
by Lexi Blake (Author)

This review is from: March 5, 2017 By Kay Daniels (ePub Edition-Goodreads)
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥🔥

For His Eyes Only is Lexi Blake’s 13th full length novel in the Masters and Mercenaries series. She’s had two series branch off this storyline along with several novellas written along the way. I will get to the reason why should read the newest addition to the Masters and Merc’s series, but first I want to tell you why should be a lifelong Lexi Blake fan in the first place.

Lexi’s writing is superior. When you pick up one of her novels you are actually getting a novel. A 500 page plus book of story that is filled with meat, potatoes, vegetables, and yes, even dessert.

You can pick up any of her books and even though I would suggest starting at the beginning, you don’t need to. Did you not see the paragraph above that said her books are 500+ pages? She weaves a tale that will not leave you feeling left out, nor will you feel like she needs to move the plot along because you’ve read it all before. Again, did you not read the paragraph above? Sorry, I’m being cheeky. I get that way after spending too much time with my favorite man, Ian Taggert.

Carry on…

Have you ever had a favorite author and perhaps over time their writing became predictable or somewhat cookie-cuter?

I can honestly say that with Lexi Blake you never have the same story. Yes, her characters are merc’s/spies and they are into BDSM, but that is just the surface of what makes up the plot of Lexi’s books. To dig into the meat and potatoes; to date her characters have dealt with international plots of assignation, global takeovers, loved ones arising from the dead, government conspiracy, evil doctors, and chaotic family. The overall arc of her series is fantastic and I enjoy the spy story just as much as anything else.


I think what I love best is Lexi’s continuing theme. Everyone is salvageable. No one is a lost cause. You are loved for who you are and family is where you hang your hat.  I think that is why I adore and have a huge book boyfriend crush on Ian Taggert. He is larger than life and overly sarcastic (actually I love that most), but he takes in every lost soul, laying it all out there when he isn’t sympathetic, but he does have a huge heart. No one gets left behind. I can’t help but smile every time I see him. That man just does it for me.

This finally brings me around to For His Eyes Only a story centered around Nickoli Markovic and Hayley Dalton. Nick is a man torn between his past, a dead lover Desiree, and his future, Hayley who happens to be Desiree’s cousin. It doesn’t help that five years ago Nick almost gave everything up to begin a life with Hayley, but Desiree talked him out of it and he walked away from Hayley. He’s convinced that she never should have wanted him back then and she definitely shouldn’t want him now. He’s done things he isn’t proud of and her life would forever be in jeopardy because of the choices he made.

Hayley Dalton needs Nick. She desired him, sure, but she didn’t travel half way around the world to rekindle with a man who walked out on her five years ago and never contacted her once in all that time. If it wasn’t for someone trying to kill her and Desiree’s specific instructions to contact Nickoli should something like this happen she never would darken his doorstep again. So why did the very sight of him ignite things inside her she’d thought were long extinguished?

The two must work together to solve a mystery that involves them both. A mystery that dates back to when neither knew they were playing a game that is bigger than they both expected. The McKay-Taggert family is back and working together to solve the mysterious puzzle. Will Nick and Hayley be able to salvage what is broken before they run out of time or are somethings unfixable?

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I Have a Dream

Have you ever had a dream? One that filled you with such joy that the very thought of fulfilling it consumed your every waking thought?


Every dream doesn’t just happen, sadly. I wish there was a magic wand that granted every thing I wanted and “poof” instant success. However, my fairy godmother is either taking her sweet time, stuck in traffic, or there truly are no mystical wish granting-midnight striking-ballgown granting-prince giving-fairy godmothers. Sigh.

My dream of becoming a published author began over 20 years ago. Shocking, I know. I must have been a toddler when this dream began, right? Okay, maybe just slightly older. Anyway, I had dreams and I dreamed big. A little over 20 years ago I was young, er-younger, working the best job in the world (in a bookstore) and still at a time in my life where I had little to no responsibilities. Not only was I beginning my journey of how to become a writer, but I was also engrossing myself in the authors who were already paving the path of what I wanted to write. You see while working at the bookstore I had my pulse on what has happening in the romance literary world. Reading everything I could get my hands on, I had instant access to magazines such as RWA, which I always read on my breaks, I was able to buy books at a deep discount, which I took great advantage of, and I stocked my home bookshelves with guides on how to research, write, and publish my finished manuscripts. It was pure heaven.

snapchat-1949141894 snapchat-1141350669 snapchat-1460068202

Yes, I still own everything I ever bought all those years ago. This is just a small sample of my vast dreaming library. I wonder if any of those publishing addresses still work? I also wonder if anyone actually get’s “Happily” published? Hmmmm.

Anyway, it wasn’t long into my young and foolish youth that responsibilities came home to live and dreams had to be shelved. No longer was I able to spend all my earnings on books or spend all my free time on dreaming. A home, a job, and a family took precedence over living a fictional life.


For the past 20 years my dream would peak out and remind me that it was unfinished. All the books that I had packed away when responsibility took precedence would resurface and the itch would instantly return. I would try to write during quiet times, which were sometimes few and far between. I would research late at night when my kids were sleeping and before I had to sleep and go to work the next day. Somehow, my dream refused to die.

go-live-your-dreamHowever, with each manuscript time passed and with each story idea more time passed until eventually fear settled in to the point that I haven’t picked up those helpful books I purchased 20 years ago in a very long time.


I’ve focused on raising a family, my job, and so many other things that all the dreams I had so long ago I now face with fear. I dreamed big for so long and even though I’m finally at a point in my life where I have time to focus energy on those dreams I’m completely full of fear. What if I completely fail and everything I ever wanted to achieve never happens? What if I completely suck and then what?

I know that fear is the killer of dreams more than jumping in with both feet and just trying.

It hasn’t been until the past couple years that I even created a writing space and completely unpacked all of those old and outdated resources knowing I’d be forced to face my dreams every time I sat in that space. I find I’m very good at avoiding this spot when I want. Dreams are scary.

Now you should ask, why did I write this and why are there so many Disney or more appropriately Rapunzel themed pictures?

I have a very good answer.

Walt Disney was a man who didn’t let anyone stand in the way of his dreams. He is the ultimate dreamer and Rapunzel was a girl locked away in a tower who was full of dreams, it was all she had until Eugene came and rescued her. She also rescued him from his thieving ways and pretty much from running from his past. I love how Disney portray’s women in their films. The damsel is never a true damsel in distress, it gives young girls so much to look up to besides just looking beautiful awaiting their prince in a tower.

Anyway, Rapunzel had a dream that consumed her every waking thought and she didn’t let anything stand in her way of fulfilling it. No matter what obstacle came in her way she was bound and determined to see it to completion.  Thank you Rapunzel and Disney for reminding me that I can do this. I can’t let fear rule my life.


This is also important, especially considering just a few years have passed and I’m no longer 20 years old.

Keep Reading. Keep Writing. Keep Dreaming.