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You Need To Read This Series

All You Need; The Need You Series (Series)
by Lorelei James (Author)

This review is from: March 19, 2017 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition-Goodreads)
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥

Lorelei never fails to leave me with a huge book hangover. Her mastery of the written word creates believable characters that wrap around your heart, nestle in, and take up residence. She is the queen of love stories.

Axl “The Hammer” Hammerquist is supposed to turn his image around, according to his new agent. There is only one little snag. A hot little snag, Annika Lund. She just happened to be the kindling to his fire, not exactly what he had in mind to tame his wild image, but his agent had other ideas. Annika, aka Attila, seemed to ignite everything inside him and practically melted the ice he skated upon for a living. Maybe he could trust her with his secrets and they could actually speak the same language for once.

Annika Lund, termed the Iron Princess, is a hard-ass business woman who typically dominated the business world, yet when she came face to face with one Swedish hockey player, Ax-hell Hammerquist, she seemed to lose her mind. Unable to say no to his agent’s request to be set up as his fake girlfriend she finds herself in the one place she has a hard time wearing her iron facade. Axl works his way under her skin as their fake relationship takes on more meaning to them both. Before they both know it they are in too deep speaking a common language, love, but can they survive the fallout of their fake relationship to make things real?

Meet up with the entire Lund family for catch up and potential meddling. Also see glimpses into potential family members where future novels may arise. (At least a huge fan can always hope.) A sure thing, Jensen Lund is up next, in When I Need You, releasing this summer, July 2017.

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