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Blazing Hot Book that Touches Sensitive Subject

Temptation’s Inferno; Inferno (Series)
by Kat Mizera (Author)

This review is from: April 15, 2017 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition-Goodreads)
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Temptation’s Inferno starts out blazing hot. The heat level between Jamie and Viggo is off the charts. How off the charts? For the most part the intimacy you experience is when Jamie and Viggo kiss. That’s right. Kiss. Yes, other juicy bits happen too, but for as hot as things get, Jamie and Viggo don’t breach the ultimate trusting level until later in the book.

Kat Mizera does an incredible job pulling you in and drowning you in Jamie and Viggo’s kisses, touches, and just plain old intimacy. Before you know it your panties have melted right off your body and whew, the temperature is rising even as I’m recalling their lips locking.

Kat also wasn’t afraid to touch on a sensitive subject; hate crime, without it affecting her storyline. In fact it was an integral part of her story and helped solidify the love and relationship between the two men. She even gives the reader a fair warning before you dive in to the story. It is brutal and she doesn’t dance around or make light of what happens.

The LBGTQ community has come a long way in the past few years, yet there are still a large number of people who are intolerant. Not only was Jaime struggling with his own feelings for Viggo, the only man he’s ever had feelings for, but he also falls victim to a hate crime because of his growing love. It makes you wonder if Jamie will run or will he stay and fight.

The book was well written from the perspective of a man who was struggling to find out who he was. Not in labeling himself, but in coming to the realization that he was in love for the first time in his life and it happened to be with his best friend. It wasn’t about sexuality, but it was about being a human being in love.

Viggo was the perfect counterbalance to Jamie’s very indecisive mood swings. He understood how hard it was in dealing with his own sexuality when he came out and as such was ever patient with Jamie. That man deserved a medal for putting up with Jamie at times, but he so frankly stated that you stay by, good or bad, the person you love. They were perfect for one another.

For a story that could have teetered over the edge and blown matters out of proportion if given the chance, Temptation’s Inferno was excellent and hot as hell to boot.

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Great Concept for Low Blow

Low Blow; Shots on Goal (Series)
by Kristen Hope Mazzola (Author)

This review is from: April 15, 2017 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition)
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥🔥

I have mixed feelings as I sit down to write this review. To start off, Low Blow touched me on a personal level. My own father was a donor after he suddenly lost his life about seven and a half years ago. It was about a year after he passed that we received a letter from Donate Life in which we learned all the wonderful things and people his donation was able to help. There were no specifics, as in names, or locations, but in generalities such as his skin went to help burn victims and things of that nature. He actually ended up helping hundreds of people. It is amazing what one human body can do and even in death you can make a difference in someone’s life.

So, as I sat down to read Low Blow, knowing just a small blurb about the book I was intrigued. A teenage recipient of a heart transplant years later finding the donors daughter, meeting, and then falling in love is a truly romantic concept. However, as much as I tried to enjoy the story, it fell a little short of great for me. I’d like to say I didn’t hold any bias, but perhaps it still hit a little too close to home.

Griffin’s life was over, or so he thought. A punch to the chest, a few broken ribs, and one infection later that went to his heart and suddenly his life was literally in the hands of someone else. Someone had to die so he could live. That was a heavy burden to carry, especially for a teenage kid.

Griffin carried that burden for ten years. Ten years of not really living his life. He may have achieved his working goals, he was on top of the boxing world, but emotionally he was dead inside. Never really living since the day they replaced his heart with someone else’s.

Meeting Olive, the heart donor’s daughter, changed all that. She made Griffin feel alive for the first time in his life. He wasn’t going to let her go. It might be crazy, to fall for the girl who was tied to the heart that now beat in his chest, but perhaps crazy was what he needed in his life.

A portion of Low Blow’s proceeds will be donated to the Marcie Mazzola Foundation. It is a foundation that goes towards helping the lives of abused and at-risk children, and to build community awareness regarding the needs of children.  You can learn more about the foundation by clicking on the link above.

How can you not want to buy this book when you know proceeds will go towards a fantastic cause, right?

Plus, I’m going to add my own plug here, sign up to be an organ donor if you haven’t done so already. It could save someone’s life, someone you love. There are people who need organs, tissue, bones, skin, arteries, something someone needs is added to the donor list everyday. You may be that chance someone needs at a quality life, or the chance they need to keep living.

I know the question; How could you sign up knowing you feel like you are signing your own death certificate?

I’ve lived on both sides of the donor coin. I know my father helped hundreds of people, but I didn’t know them personally. I won’t personally get that connection like Griffin and Olive had to see life go on. However, I have a dear friend that received the gift of life. Someone who wouldn’t be here today if she hadn’t been a recipient of an organ donation. So I’ve been witness to the miracle and it’s a beautiful thing. So please take that next step;

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