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Let Out A Breath it’s Another Hit

Learning to Breathe, Part one; The Collective (Series)
by Ellie Masters (Author)

This review is from: April 22, 2017 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition-Goodreads)
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥🔥

*Spoiler Alert*

Learning to Breathe is book three in the overall arc of The Collective storyline, but this story begins before Unbroken, book one.

Learning to Breathe opens and Sally Levenson is standing before a dead body. Is this a typical occurrence for her? She’s the county coroner and you’ve met her before. As she’s examining the body you learn that this is the a dead body that popped up in Unbroken. The one that started the strange mystery as we met Sally for the first time in Ava’s diner. As Sally continues to exam the body and wonder at the mystery surrounding the victim’s death. Yes, she does think victim because she is marking it as non-accidental, in walks Blaze. The main character from book 2, Iron Claw MC. You also discover that the body lying on the table is Blaze’s ex-girlfriend, Ally. Aha, now the pieces of each book are beginning to solidify and link together as the story unfolds.

As Sally returns back to the examination you learn more about the doctor and the solitary life she has lead. You learn that she has been a widow for the past five years, but she is also in the beginning stages of a new relationship with a man named, Derek LeMark.

At this point the story progresses away from the murders and into Sally and Derek’s own storyline. A new world of mystery awaits Sally when she agrees to a surprise date night upon his boat…or did he forget to mention he owned a yacht. He talks about a D/s relationship and as Sally is jumping back into the dating world after losing her husband she is still trying to figure out where she fits into the dating game as a whole. A new world is opened up to her and much as Derek intrigue and fascinates her she isn’t sure that she is ready to dive in, but and even scarier thought is that she could miss out on something great by not diving in feet first.

After a glamours night spent in Derek’s arms before she can decide if she’s ready to delve in feet first she’s called back into work where another body awaits. The Collective is back and as we read in Unbroken, the bodies continue to pile up on the poor coroner.

Learning to Breathe is another great addition to the overall arc of the series. I can’t wait to read more and figure out the mystery.

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