Hot Hockey Dad Needs A Nanny…I’m Available!

Goaltending; Seattle Sockeyes Hockey #8 (Series)
by Jami Davenport (Author)

This review is from: May 24, 2017 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition-Goodreads)
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥

Martin “Brick” Bricker loves his bachelor life. He is free to party, drink as much as he pleases and please any woman without any strings attached.

His life is perfect.

Perfect right up until the day five year old Macy arrives on his doorstep and exclaims, “Daddy!”

Brick feels his perfect bachelor life slipping away faster than he normally did once the condom came off. You see, there in lay the problem. No way could Macy be his daughter. Brick always used protection. Always. Although maybe there was that one time he had a condom malfunction, but still, there was no way he was a dad.
He refused to be.

Macy needed to understand he wasn’t father material. He loved his life just the way it was. The new addition of the hot nanny wasn’t all bad, so perhaps if he just focused all of his attention on Amelia then his life would balance out. Right?

Amelia Stacey had a soft spot when it came to children. Since she wasn’t able to have children of her own she dedicated her life to teaching other people’s children. When Brick enrolled Macy into the daycare where she worked, he made Amelia an offer to be his live in nanny. An offer hard to refuse.  She would earn more money in just a few weeks time than if she’d worked at the daycare all year. Amelia needed the money. As much as she wanted to turn down the overbearing hockey player, it was an offer that was hard to refuse.


Amelia has her reservations living under the same roof as the sexy hockey player. He is full of ego and has a pick up line for almost everything she says. Amelia’s past history with men didn’t always end well and even though Brick is sometimes a bit too much, she fears that by living with the delectable temptation she just might fall for his sinful, yet egotistical charm.

Amelia has to decide if Brick is the man she might make an exception for or if he is just another player. Could he truly be a father and a lover, could he really be the man she sees deep down inside or are they just playing house?

This was my first Seattle Sockeyes book and I was able to jump right in. I would definitely recommend it as a standalone if you weren’t looking to begin a series, but if you wanted to start a hot new series then Jami Davenport has made a goal with the Sockeyes. 

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