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Inseparable is a Journey Worth Reading

Inseparable (Standalone)
by Siobhan Davis (Author)

This review is from: December 19, 2017 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition-Goodreads)
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥

Inseparable is about three best friends, Ayden, Angelina, and Devin. The three made a pact when they were young that they would be BFF’s forever. Unfortunately time changes people, children don’t stay innocent, and pacts don’t mean much when hearts get involved.

Inseparable is told in three parts. Part 1 revolves around the trio in their senior of high school. Gone are the days of playing in their treehouse, staying up late watching the stars, and playing pranks on one another. Times are tense and Angelina has a hard time understanding why her best friends no longer get along. She keeps her own growing feelings for Devin locked away just so her two best friends will get along, but no matter how hard she tries they seem to hate each other more and more. Devin is a sinking ship; partying his senior year away and sleeping with everything that crosses his path. It breaks Angelina’s heart to see him spiraling out of control, but who is she to stop him. Ayden hates seeing Devin like that as well, but he also hates seeing Angelina worry more. Ayden and Angelina grow closer as the year progresses which strains the breaking bond they have between Devin. It seems that nothing any of them do is right and they feel powerless to stop what is happening.

Part 2 finds Angelina away at college. Ayden has enrolled in the military and we don’t know where Devin is. This is the part of the story, much like life, where the trio makes mistakes and either people grow from them or it changes them drastically. Becoming an adult isn’t easy or fair. No one ever said life was, but making mistakes is part of growing up and you just hope those mistakes aren’t too big. Unfortunately sometimes they are and there isn’t a do over button. Angelina feels responsible for her two friends. She thought for so long that she was supposed to be the glue that kept their friendship together, but as her friends continue to hurt she wonders if she is the reason and the cause for their rift. She thinks the best option is to take her out of the equation and perhaps things will be better.

Part 3 is five years later. They are now young adults and things are drastically different in their lives. Could things ever be the same? It’s hard to say when so much has come between them. Hurt, sadness, anger, remorse, grief, regret. Can they ever get back to where it was easy?

Follow this trio on a journey that will break your heart then mend it back together again. Inseparable is a story of friendship, heartache, turmoil, hardship, addiction, grief, and overcoming insurmountable odds all in the name of love.

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