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Most Likely to Love This Book

Most Likely to Score (Standalone)
by Lauren Blakely (Author)

This review is from: January 5, 2018 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition-Goodreads)
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥🔥

Jones Beckett is a wide receiver for the NFL Renegades. A pro-baller with big hands, a big heart, but a bad reputation that needs a reboot. After his former agent gambled away a large chunk of his career paycheck, Jones was passed over for sponsorship deals that could have been a stepping stone to his future beyond the NFL. Jones became a PR cleanup job that puts Jillian in his sights. If he wanted to turn his career around and finally get the deals that pay for his parents and siblings future he needs to clean up his act. Keeping his social status clean is not a problem. Keeping Jillian off his mind now that is a problem he doesn’t have an answer for.

Jillian Moore always knew Jones had a big heart off the field, he just had bad judgement when it came to his social life. Working as a publicist for the NFL Renegades Jones became her special project when it was time to clean up his act. The smallest problem was, she’d always had a bit of a crush on the wide receiver. Sure she respected him, she respected all of the team members and took pride in her job, but she found Jones just a teeny, tiny bit more alluring than she did anyone else. Okay there was nothing teeny or tiny about the man, but she also didn’t abuse the power of her job, she was always professional, but sometimes she didn’t want to be.

When Jillian and Jones are forced to work closely together Jillian learns there is more to the man than just big hands. Jones is funny, generous with his time, and caring beyond measure. She had suspected he always had a big heart, but nothing had prepared her for him opening his heart and letting her inside. Jillian was a professional and her job was to clean the man up, it was an almost impossible task when all she wanted to do was strip him down and get dirty with him.

The closer the two become the harder it is not to toe the line. Both of them have a lot at risk. Jones needs a clean image to land a sponsorship deal and sleeping with the very woman who is trying to polish him up would land him back right where he began. Jillian knows the follies in a male dominated sporting world. One wrong step and she would lose all the respect she’s worked so hard to gain. It’s so hard to do the “right thing” when being together feels like the right path to begin with. There has to be a way for them to make things work or is doing the right thing walking away from the only thing that feels right.

I loved the chemistry, friendship, charm, and slow burn of this book. By the time Jones and Jillian finally do ignite I think I had to remove some layers of clothes because I was burning up in my frosty, cold, winter house. Blakely also didn’t stop there. She kept adding coals to the fire and holy, sweet, hotness…(fanning myself) So, aside from the sexy, the book is just darn good. Animal lovers will adore all the animals mentioned. Jones is animal whisperer and for a big guy he owns a small dog. Love it!!! For a feel good, well written, ignite your fires book, Most Likely to Score is a must read.

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