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Excerpt Teaser – Sex, Not Love

My relationship with Hunter Delucia started backwards.
We met at a wedding—him sitting on the groom’s side, me sitting on the bride’s. Stealing glances at each other throughout the night, there was no denying an intense, mutual attraction.
I caught the bouquet; he caught the garter. Hunter held me tightly while we danced and suggested we explore the chemistry sparking between us. His blunt, dirty mouth should’ve turned me off. But for some crazy reason, it had the opposite effect on me.
We ended up back in my hotel room. The next morning, I headed home to New York leaving him behind in California with the wrong number.
I thought about him often, but after my last relationship, I’d sworn off of charming, cocky, gorgeous-as-sin men. A year later, Hunter and I met again at the birth of our friends’ baby. Our attraction hadn’t dulled one bit. After a whirlwind trip, he demanded a real phone number this time. So I left him with my mother’s—she could scare away any man with her talks of babies and marriage—and flew back home.
I’d thought it was funny, until the following week when he rang the bell at Mom’s house for Sunday night dinner. The crazy, gorgeous man had won over my mother and taken an eight-week assignment in my city. He proposed we spend that time screwing each other out of our systems.
Eight weeks of mind-blowing sex with no strings attached? What did I have to lose?
Nothing, I thought.
It’s just sex, not love.
But you know what they say about the best laid plans…


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“You’re not going anywhere before you do two things.”
“Two things?”
“Leave your number and kiss me goodbye.”
“I…I…you haven’t brushed your teeth.”
Hunter chuckled. It felt like he could see through all of my bullshit. Reaching over to the nightstand, he grabbed his phone and held it out to me before getting up. “Toothpaste in the bathroom still?”
“The little one the hotel sets out.”
“I’ll brush. You type.”
While he was in the bathroom, I mulled over not typing anything into his phone. There was no way I was keeping in touch with a man living three-thousand miles away. A guy like him was the last thing I needed. But then I thought better of just telling him I’d put my number in. He seemed to have figured me out pretty quick. So instead, I typed my name and number, only I changed the last two digits.
And it was a good thing I did, because when Hunter returned from his bathroom trip, the first thing he did was check that I’d entered something. Luckily, he didn’t attempt to call me. Satisfied, he tossed his phone on the bed and nodded.
“Thank you. Now kiss me.”
I could see he wasn’t going to let me leave without this. So, sacrificing to make my plane, I pushed up on my toes and delivered a quick peck to his lips.
Mmm…. Nice and soft.
(And minty fresh.)
“Well…it was nice to meet you.” I turned to dart out the door, but Hunter grabbed my wrist yet again.
“I said kiss me.”
“I did!”
“Kiss me the way you kissed me last night.”
Before I could even attempt to let that sink in, Hunter yanked me against him. One of his large hands cupped the back of my neck, and he squeezed firmly to direct my head where he wanted it. Then, his lips crashed down on mine.
The shock of feeling his mouth against mine quickly dissipated as he licked my lips, encouraging me to open for him. His tongue dipped inside, and he groaned as he tilted my head and deepened the kiss. The vibration of the sound traveled between us and sent a hum through my body. Soft and gentle went out the window after that. He grabbed a fistful of my ass, and I lifted my body up onto his, wrapping my legs around his waist. As he backed us to the wall, a sense of familiarity overcame me. I couldn’t remember the specifics of our previous kiss, but I now knew deep inside what it had felt like.
My cell dropped from my hand so my fingers could tangle in his hair. Yanking on the soft strands, I couldn’t get enough. A moan from deep inside my chest moved through our connected mouths. Hunter pushed harder, his thick erection pressing into the center of my open legs. He rocked as he kissed me, causing a friction through two layers of clothing that was leading me to a place I didn’t think it was possible to go fully dressed.
It felt like he wanted to swallow me whole, and in that moment, I would have let him. My breasts were crushed to his chest, and a heartbeat raged out of control—only I wasn’t sure if it was my own or his. Jesus, where does a man learn to kiss like this?
I was breathless and stunned when our kiss broke. Hunter sucked on my bottom lip, tugging it before releasing my mouth.
His voice was strained. “Change your flight. We’re not done here.”
I swallowed, trying to gain some composure. “I can’t.” My voice was barely a whisper. It was all I could muster.
“Can’t or don’t want to?”

Vi Keeland is a #1 New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling author. With millions of books sold, her titles have appeared in over eighty Bestseller lists and are currently translated in nineteen languages. She lives in New York with her husband and their three children where she is living out her own happily ever after with the boy she met at age six.
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Blog Tour – Big Daddy

BUY LINK ->->myBook.to/BigDaddy

WATCH THE TRAILER https://youtu.be/88MSH4sjwFM

What did I do last night?

I remember going out.

I remember ordering drinks.

After that, nothing.

It’s not the first time I’ve blacked out, but this time it’s different, because of the man who found me, because of what I told him. Now he knows my secret desire. He knows I want a Daddy. He knows he can use my secret to make me obey him, to make me squirm with need.

I’m his little girl now, and his little girl is about to get it.


“You treat me like a little girl,” I say. “Like your little girl. You’re better to me than I deserve. When I screwed up today, I was sure you’d throw me out. But you didn’t. You spanked me.” Fresh tears trickle from my eyes. “It hurts so bad…” I drop my hands to my bottom and rub. “But it also makes me feel…” A flush creeps over my cheek and my teeth worry my bottom lip. Even as my ass is burning, I can feel the throb between my legs. “Maybe I shouldn’t be here. You’re trying to teach me. I know that. But since the first spanking, all I can think of is…being with you. But if you’re my daddy…”

“Not your daddy,” he says. “I’m your daddy dom.” He pulls me to him, kisses me on the top of my head. “There’s a difference.” Now he steps back, taking me by the arms as he looks into my eyes. “When you’re bad, and I spank your ass, I’m spanking you as my little girl. But understand, young lady, if I fuck you, I fuck you as a woman. You’re both, Jill. You’re a little girl on the inside, but a woman on the outside. To deny both parts of who you are would be wrong.”

I look up at him. “Do you want me?” I ask boldly. I must know.

“That’s a loaded question, baby.” He pauses. “Yeah. Yeah, I do. I wanted you the moment I saw you. But at the time, you needed a firm hand more than a hard fucking.”

“I want both,” I say. “Does that make me awful?”

He shakes his head. “No, but baby, I don’t think you know what you’re asking for. I’m not a tender lover.”

“I don’t want tender,” I say. Between my legs, my pussy is pulsing wetness. I don’t care that my ass feels like it’s on fire. I want this. I want it. I need it. “Please,” I say.

He steps back, undoes his tie and removes it. His eyes are riveted on me. I start to lift the hem of my sweater.

“No,” he says. “Don’t undress. You just stand there. You don’t do a thing until I tell you, understand?”

I nod. My nipples are rock hard and aching. The throb between my legs is fierce. He’s unbuttoning his shirt. I watch as the muscles of his broad, bare chest are revealed once again. Pectoralis major. Rectus abdominus. External oblique. My fingers ache to touch them, but I stand obediently in place, my hands at my side — a well-spanked child about to flip the switch and have Max Iver treat me as a woman.


“Please,” I say. He has me on the edge of an orgasm, but whenever I feel like I’m going to come, he withdraws his touch just enough to deny me the pleasure.

His mouth is by my ear. “Here’s a tip for you, baby. I can punish you as a woman, too. How would you feel if I just stopped now? Just stopped and left you hanging with your hot, wet pussy aching to be fucked. How would you feel if I just walked away?”

“Don’t…” It’s a desperate plea. “Please don’t.”

He lays down beside me and lifts me so that I’m straddling his chest.

“Grab the headboard, Jill,” he says, and I lean forward to clasp the wooden frame in front of me. As I do, he lifts my hips and slides under me until I’m straddling his face. I realize his intent just as his tongue slides across the folds of my inner labia, sending a wild rush of pleasure through me.

I’ve had partners perform oral sex, but not like this. He has my hips in his vicelike grip, holding me immobile. He catches my clit, drawing on it with a demanding pressure. I hold back, insecure about coming on the face pressed tight in between my legs, but I can’t resist what he’s doing. The ripple of pleasure rolls through me and I scream, bucking against the stabbing tongue, the nipping teeth that torment and tease my sensitive flesh.

I’m on top. This is typically a dominant position for a woman. But I feel helpless, even with him underneath me, and I realize this is by design. This is Max Iver showing me that no matter how we’re aligned, he is in charge. And this? It’s the sexiest fucking moment of my fucked up life.

His mouth pulls on my clit, draws on it. He’s relentless, and no sooner have I recovered from one orgasm does another knocks me down. My legs are shaking when I find myself on my back and under him once more.

His face is shiny, his eyes glazed with feral lust. I taste my own arousal as his mouth closes on mine, his tongue still demanding as it swoops over mine. He holds my hands above my head with one of his, lifts my left leg with the other. He pushes against me, the covered bulge of his cock pushing against the bare wet mound of my pussy.

He raises to kneeling, and I watch as he pushes his pants and underwear down to free his cock. It’s beautiful, long, and thick, with a network of veins mapping the surface. I want to touch them, to trace them with my fingers. I want to put him in my mouth. But he’s not given me permission.

He rises from the bed and walks across the room. I feel a moment of desperation. Is he going to leave? Is he going to leave he hanging, like he said? Instead, he sits in a small sofa across the room. His cock juts straight up from the apex of his huge muscular thighs.

“Come here,” he says.

My legs are still rubbery as I rise and walk over.

He sits forward, opens his arms to me. “Sit in my lap.”

I obey, but I know he wants more than that. He guides me as I straddle him. I gasp as he centers the mouth of my pussy over the flared head of his cock. I feel the walls of my pussy stretch wide to accommodate the thickness of his cock as it imbeds itself to previously unmatched depths.

“Who’s your daddy?” he asks quietly when he’s inside me.

I almost come from the question, which is asked without sarcasm. He runs his hand down the side of my face, down my arm, all the way down until it’s resting on my hip. He pushes my hair out of my face with the other, puts his thumb to my mouth. I suck on it for a moment, eyes closed, before answering his question.

“You are,” I say. My daddy. My daddy dom. Big daddy, I think. I’m full, full of his cock but also with the satisfaction of knowing this means something to him.

Ava Sinclair bio:

Variety is the spice of life and Ava Sinclair writes a little something for everyone, from dark romance to menage to kinky AF age play. But the one thing that is consistent in her books are strong storylines, alpha males, and strong women whose hearts and bodies aren’t given up without a fight.

Ava lives in southern Virginia, where she enjoys hoarding books, hiking, running, spoiling her cats, and spending time with her Eurasian eagle owl, Lucius.

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Web site:  www.avasinclairauthor.com
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Review – Rescuing Casey

Rescuing Casey; Delta Force Heroes #7 (Series)
by Susan Stoker (Author)

This review is from: January 8, 2018 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition-Goodreads)
Heat Level:🔥🔥

This is the first Delta Force Hero book that I’ve read and I honestly have to say it won’t be the last. I was engrossed in the world Susan Stoker made right from the beginning and even though this is the 7th book in the series I wasn’t lost jumping in at this point.
Let me see if I can help any other potential readers out there, like myself, make the decision to dive right in and enjoy the series at any point and then go back and pick up Stoker’s previous books because I know you will want to get to know all the hot, alpha men in books 1-6 just like I do.

The book begins right in the depth of Casey’s kidnapping. She’s been shoved into a hole in the ground, in Costa Rica, with no hope of rescue. She does everything her big brother, Aspen “Blade” Carlisle, ever taught her to survive if this situation ever presented itself. The ironic thing is, Casey Shea (they have different fathers, giving them different last names) never once imagined it happening. She’s nobody. At least nobody important. She’s an entomologist, a bug professor, currently in Costa Rica researching bugs with three students from her class. Even with everything Blade has taught her on survival Casey knows her time is running out if she doesn’t find a way out soon.

“She liked Beatle. A lot. He could tease her all he wanted. It made her feel normal. Not like she was a kidnapping victim escaping from the scene of her confinement.”

Troy “Beatle” Lennon has always known deep down that Casey was special. Working with Blade he’d heard stories, but it was more than that, he just knew that once he met her in person it would hard to turn off what he was feeling. He never said anything due to the distance separating them, but now that she was in danger he could no longer keep his feelings at bay. Call it karma or years of training, but Beatle was the one to find Casey and pull her out of deep hole she’d almost died in. From that point on he refused to leave her side. She was his and he was hers.

“Beatle froze at the sight of Casey Shea smiling up at him. At him. Right then, in the middle of the godforsaken jungle, smack dab in the midst of a rescue op, Beatle fell head over heels in love.”

Finding Casey was the easy part, leaving the jungle alive is another feat they must tackle together. Is what they are feeling part of the adrenaline rush? Will they both feel the same if they make it out alive? If they finally find the kidnapper, how will their lives work when Casey lives in Florida and Beatle lives in Texas?

“It was scarier this time because she knew exactly what was in store for her if she was recaptured.”

I never once felt like I was missing part of the story. There was plenty of involvement from the other Delta Force Heroes and their women along with a few teasers for future stories to come on the heroes that haven’t found love yet. The action was realistic and never rushed. I will definitely read another Susan Stoker book in my future.

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