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In Love With Reckless







Reckless  (Standalone, but part of the Shameless world)
by Lex Martin (Author)

This review is from: February 16, 2018 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition-Goodreads)
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥🔥

Reckless reminded me so often of my daughter, at times I should have been scared, but Tori Duran is a headstrong woman who’s taken the wrong path a few too many times. Disregarding the advice of loved ones around her, she jumps in feet first letting the flames lick her feet, or more like letting the flames engulf her entire lower half before she reaches for the edge of the frying pan to pull herself back out.

Her pregnant sister needs her help, which also means moving closer, but to do so means finding employment and a place to live. When Tori finds herself a screwed up mess one too many times and unfortunately at the bottom the barrel looking up at her dignity and self-realization she does the unthinkable; taking a live-in nanny job with an insanely hot boss and his two adorable children. This will not be good for her “man diet”.

Ethan Carter needed a nanny and he needed help yesterday. He wouldn’t admit he needed help, perhaps because deep down he was still hoping his wife would come back. He knew his marriage was over, but what kind of woman walked out on her kids?

Call him cynical, but he didn’t have time for dating or women period. He worked from sun up to sun down and when he wasn’t working he was on dad duty. So when Tori showed up on his doorstep, his two traitorous children taking instant liking to her, he wasn’t exactly on his best behaviour. It was reckless to have such a beautiful woman working for him, but his family left with little choice. At least they were clear on one point. There would be no sex between them. Now if only his body listen to his mind.

Like I mentioned above, Tori reminded me of my own daughter numerous times as I read Reckless.  I loved Tori’s spirit and determination to always be true to herself even when she was down and out. My daughter never falters even when things are stacked against her, and like Tori, she also jumps into the fire before looking. A tough, hard-headed learner, someone who forges her own path. Most days I wanted to throttle her, but I also admired her spirit, just from a distance or wishing she was someone else’s child on the days when she didn’t conform to what I needed her to do. 🙂

Ethan and Tori are a beautiful yin to each others yang.  When you live reckless you need a rock to ground you when your past comes knocking.

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