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Who’s Thirsty For A Book to Fall in Love With?

Thirsty; An Eastside Brewery Novel #1 (Series)
by Mia Hopkins (Author)

This review is from: March 5, 2018 By Kay Daniels (eBook-Goodreads)
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥🔥

I’ve read Mia Hopkins before and I’ve never been disappointed. Her writing is rich, touching, picks you right up and places you in the heart of whatever setting she has created. You are there tasting, smelling, and experiencing every sense right along with the characters.

Thirsty is no different.

What is new, that I haven’t read from her before, is darkness, grit, and a raw heartfelt understanding for a population (whether you are white, black, latino, or purple-speckled alien) that is affected by gang living, prison life, and poverty. What I like about this story is that Mia doesn’t romanticize the reality of what Salvador went through nor does she give him a puffed up reality of what life after prison is like nor a huge ego to contend with. It makes him a very likeable character and understandable as to why Vanessa falls for him.

Salvador “Ghost” Rosas recently was released from prison. Five years he spent in jail. Five years he had time to think about what he wanted to do when he got out. The reality of being released, a convicted felon didn’t leave many options, but Sal took any job he could.

With little time to eat or sleep, he works multiple jobs and saves every penny. For the first time in his life he is earning a respectable living. It’s hard work, but it’s honest.

How did Salvador “Ghost” Rosas end up in jail? Like his father and most of the youth in his neighborhood, he was part of ESHB, East Side Hollenbeck, a gang. Following orders and bringing in bank he didn’t question much until he lost five years of his life. Now Sal is scraping together enough money to put down a down payment on an apartment so when his brother is released from jail he’ll have a place for them both. Yes, it seems the Rosas are an unlucky family as you will find out his father didn’t fair well either.

Until Sal can afford a place of his own he finds cheap housing staying in Vanessa Velasco’s garage. Which turns out to be both pleasure and torture at the same time. She is an ex-gang member’s girl so she knows all about the trouble Ghost was in. Even with his past it doesn’t seem to sway the attraction that arise between the two.

With their future on the line it’s only a matter of time before Ghost’s past comes to call.

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