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Teaser/Excerpt – Six of the Best Anthology; Petticoat Tyrant

Petticoat Tyrant by Vanessa Brooks.

only found in Six of the Best Anthology



His hand roved the expanse of her curvaceous bosom. Her attempt to stay his hand resulted in a slap to her thigh. She squeaked but acquiesced to his explorations without further interruption until he lowered the front of her gown and freed her breast. His mouth latched onto a puckered nub as he suckled her budded nipple. She groaned then appeared to recollect her surroundings, struggling she castigated him about the impropriety. He slapped her thigh a little harder this time. She retaliated with a sharp smack on his cheek.

In an instant he had her face down across his lap. Her velvet travel dress tossed above her waist, with no hoop to contend with his need to correct her was made easy. Owen brought his palm down with swift emphasis. He was amused by her attempt to keep silent, obviously she was well aware of the coachman sat above them but after several stinging blows she would certainly be overheard as she wailed a plea for him to stay his hand.

“I shall desist if you give me your word of promise not to withhold your person from me again. As your husband, I shall decide the propriety of any given situation, not you. If I want to touch my wife, the woman who belongs to me, then I shall do so. Is that understood, Cassie?”

“Yes,” she whimpered.

“Yes, what?” he asked with mock severity. She could not see the twinkle glinting in his eye, face down as she was.

“Yes, Sir,” she answered, sounding a little cowed. His grin returned.

“We are in accord then. If I let you up, will you submit to my desires?” He soothed her chastened orbs, now tinged a delightful pink.

“I will,” she agreed softly.

He settled her upon his knee. Cupping her cheek with his hand, his thumb swept over her full bottom lip. Eyes sheened with tears and her mouth turned down in an obvious sulk. He chuckled. Leaning in, he kissed her pouting lips. After a few moments she responded and his arms tightened about her as the kiss deepened into passion.

He moved a hand over her bosom, seeking her budding nipple. He toyed with the raised nub, this time his questing fingers elicited moans of desire from somewhere deep inside her. Gently he laid her back on the seat and pushed up her skirts.

“Bend your knees and put your feet upon the seat,” he cajoled gruffly. She gasped but obeyed him. He pale thighs parted revealing the slick pink flesh of her quim. Her clitoris peaked from between like the dark pink stamen of some exotic flower. He ran a finger down her divide, enjoying the fact she trembled at his touch.

Lowering his mouth to her inner thighs he kissed and nibbled his way to her centre, his tongue stiff as he eased it into the small portal of her vagina. She was soft as velvet but still so very tight, it would take a good few rides upon his cock to ease her small entrance. She appeared to be unaware that she was making the most delightful little mewls and gasps as her hips shifted upward to meet his questing tongue. All complaints of impropriety appeared forgot as she writhed mindlessly, enjoying his ministrations. Nibbling her now prominent pearl, he slipped a finger inside her channel; her essence flowed as he added another digit. She began to pant, whimpering his name.

“Come, Cassie, give me your pleasure.” She cried out at his words, bucking so much that he found it necessary to hold her down as he lashed her core with his tongue. He kept his grip firm as her culmination ripped through her, flooding his mouth with her dew, proof of the power he had over her blissful eruption.

He enjoyed the sight of her satiated body, lewdly displayed as she fell into a comatose drowse, making no attempt to cover herself. His cock ached with demand.

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