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Teaser/Excerpt – Six of the Best Anthology; His Impertinent Wife

His Impertinent Wife by Gracie Malling.

only found in Six of the Best Anthology



Andrew took Lettie by the elbow and marched her over to their bed. He sat down hard on the edge, planted his feet hip width apart and then tipped his wife over his lap. It was the work of a moment to pull up her skirts and petticoats, revealing her beautiful bottom to his gaze, creamy white, trembling and just begging for a little colour.
Andrew was only too happy to oblige.

“Oh!” she squeaked as the first smack landed. Perhaps she had been expecting him to be gentle? Andrew smiled. Silly, silly girl…

He brought down his palm again, striking the very crest of her right cheek and watching a perfect red handprint form in his wake. Satisfied with his handiwork, Andrew applied the same treatment to her left cheek with similar results.

“Oh… ouch!”

“Punishments are supposed to hurt, young lady,” he said, keeping his voice firm, though inside he was grinning like a hungry wolf. “No more falsehoods, is that clear?”
When she made no reply, he rained down a barrage of hard, fasts smacks on the lower half of her bottom cheeks that made her kick her feet and shriek. “I said, is that clear?”

“Yes, sir! Yes, sir! Please…oh!”

“Keep those feet on the floor.”

“Yes, sir,” she sniffed, immediately pressing her slipper-clad feet back down into the floorboards.

“And if I ask you a question, you are to answer me directly. Do I make myself rightly understood?”

“Yes, sir,” she replied at once.

“Good girl.” Andrew rested his hot palm on her bare bottom and the sight of those reddened cheeks trembling in anticipation of further punishment caused him to wish that it were bedtime already and all their guests had gone home. “Now, you are going to receive six more. Thank me after each one and apologise for lying.” Andrew raised his arm to shoulder height and then brought it down in a powerful arc, his palm striking her bottom with great force and speed. He watched as her cheeks bounced and shook from the impact, and then he smiled inwardly at the little whimpering cry she emitted a moment afterwards.

“One, thank you, sir. I – I am sorry for lying.”

“As you should be.” He brought down his hand for the second time with just as much force as the first.

“Ow! Oh! T-two, thank you, sir. I am sorry for lying.”

And again.

“Oh! Oh sir! Three, thank you, sir. I am sorry for lying.”

Andrew fought to control his own urges as he delivered the fourth smack. The sensation of Lettie jolting and squirming over his lap upon impact was almost enough to drive him to distraction. What a bewitching little thing she was, the way she arched her back and pointed her toes… and the way she clenched her thigh muscles together and wriggled her bottom from side to side as though attempting to shake away the sting.

He paused to squeeze her sore bottom cheeks, making her hiss. “Are you learning your lesson, Laetitia?”

“Yes, sir,” she whimpered.

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Cover Reveal – Wraith


WRAITH by Joy Blood

A Hell’s Riders Spinoff




From childhood, the men who bought me from my drugged-out mother have been prepping me for what I became—a stone-cold killer who auctions women to the highest bidder.

She was my reward for completing my training. She opened my eyes and made me fight for what was right. That’s when shit went downhill fast. I thought I was saving her life…until I took it.

He killed me. Took what was mine and discarded me like yesterday’s trash. I thought he was different from my previous “owner,” but I was wrong. Now, I’m out for blood…

Revenge will be mine.

***Warning: due to sensitive subject matter this book may cause triggers. Reader discretion is strongly advised.***

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