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Smitten With the Royals







Cheeky Royal; Royals Undercover Duet (Series)
by Nana Malone (Author)

This review is from: March 23, 2018 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition-Goodreads)
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥

Cheeky Royal begins with Cheeky Prince, a short prequel to Cheeky Royal. A look into the royal life of Sebastian Winston, the crown prince to the Winston Isles. As a young boy Sebastian is allowed time to play, like any ordinary child, but even he knows he lives the life of no ordinary boy. Soon he is to be sent off to boarding school where he will be schooled in everything he needs to know so he can one day take over the kingdom.

In Cheeky Royal we meet a cocky prince who is more fond of sating his own needs vs. caring about those of the kingdom. We also get to meet Penny, the young girl who used to play with the crown prince as a child who is now a young woman trying to find her own way among the pressure of joining the family business; serving in the royal guard.

Penny refers to herself as Calamity Penny; she is klutzy, a screw up, and constantly making the wrong choices when it comes to protecting diplomats who visit the Island.
After a final screw up, she is basically reprimanded to desk duty, which is no better than a prison sentence to a free spirit like Penny. When the King himself asks Penny to perform a special task; bring the crown prince back home, she has little choice but to say yes (although she does have a moment of insanity where she does something very Penny-like, but I’ll let you enjoy that.)

Sebastian has been MIA for months, on his own personal mission to find his half brother and sister so they can step into his place and he can step down from duty. He longs for nothing but to be free from the obligation that the crown brings, but he can’t do that unless he can convince his long-lost, half siblings to come back and step into his place. He’s running out of time since his birthday is approaching and he is next in line to receive a place in the Regents Council. A powerful seat that is his birthright unless he can recind it.
When a sexy new neighbor moves in across the hall from him, Sebastian finds it hard to keep his sights on the prize. It’s the first time in months he’s lost his concentration. Something so familiar about the mystery neighbor calls to him, reminds him of things he cannot have, but he also can’t seem to stay away.

Penny finds the prince, that part was easier than she expected. What she didn’t count on was how hard and fast she’d fall for him. She knew he was charming, good looking, and a womanizer, but she didn’t know he was smart, kind, and a man she could actually care for. Her assignment from the king was to keep him close, but exactly how close he was meaning. The longer she spends time with Sebastian the harder she is finding it define closeness.

Cheeky Royal is charming and Calamity Penny is adorable in all her awkwardness. Penny clicks with everyone, her best friend Ariel is funny, her chemistry with Sebastian is hot, and even her conversations with her mother are adorable. Cheeky Royal does end with a cliffhanger and picks up in Cheeky King. I’m dying to know what happens with this couple as their chemistry is off the charts, so stay tuned.

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