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Review – Hit Hard by Unrequited Love

The Theory of Unrequited; Science of Unrequited (Series)
by Len Webster (Author)

This review is from: April 13, 2018 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition-Goodreads)
Heat Level:🔥

The title, The Theory of Unrequited, should tell you alone that love is out of reach, but the story of Evan and AJ goes so much deeper than just untouchable love.

AJ, also known as Alex, Alexi, or even Alexandrea, depending on whom she is talking to, has fallen in love with her best friend, Evan Gilmore. Unfortunately, Evan only sees AJ as his best friend. They have grown up together and he has nothing more than sister like feelings towards her.

However, his older brother, Kyle, has made his feelings pretty clear that he is in love with Alexi. Unfortunately for Kyle, AJ only loves him like a big brother. So the tangled web of unrequited is cast.

Yet, that is only the beginning of a complicated love formula. Anyone who understands algebra (that isn’t me), but from what I remember, you were always trying to solve for x. a+b=x or y+z=x. ^jk$oo/hd#=x or something complicated like that. Yes, I know this is why I write and no longer attempt to understand why English needs to enter the number system. Anyway, my point is you had to find the mystery number to solve the highly complicated math problem.

AJ realized she was the mystery number in their web of a highly complicated love problem. She discovered she was the common denominator, so to speak, and decided to remove herself from the equation. Making a choice to find herself, find out who she was, and her happiness once again before she was stuck in the middle of the Gilmore’s unrequited love lives.

What makes this story so engaging is that you learn that neither Evan nor Kyle were aware of what they were doing to her, silently killing her own happiness, while at the same time also killing their own.

It isn’t until AJ severs her relationship with Evan that she is able to break free and try to rebuild her broken heart. Reflection and time are a beautiful and horrible gift all wrapped into one package.

GAH!! The Theory of Unrequited ends on a major cliffhanger. Be prepared for a wonderful story that will take you on an emotional journey, but again I say, GAH!! Len Webster does an amazing job of weaving the storyline to suck you in and make this a one sit read.

Book 2 in the series, The Solution to Unrequited, is scheduled for Mid 2018 and it cannot be published soon enough. Suffering unrequited love is hard enough, waiting to find out what happens to Evan and AJ’s unrequited triangle is going to be absolute misery.

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