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Review – Montana Ice

Montana Ice; Small Town Romance #2 (Series)
by Vanessa Vale (Author)

This review is from: July 7, 2018 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition-Goodreads)
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥

Once again, I loved every word of this small town romance. Sucked in from the very beginning, the endearing characters living in Bozeman, Montana are delightful, quirky, and I just can’t get enough.

Did I read this while at work?  Maybe…but once I began reading Montana Ice I absolutely hated to put it down.

It’s been record breaking temps right now and I didn’t need to turn on the fans because I could feel the chill rolling off the pages. Vanessa plucked me up and dropped me off into the frosty winter of Montana. As much as I hate cold weather, I love when an author can transport me into their world.

Veronica Miller has dreamed and thought of Jack Reid for ten years.

The one that got away.

Or more like…..

Slept with her sister Violet and now Veronica dreams of revenge.

Sweetly maiming Jack Reid if she ever saw him again.

So when she whacks him with a paddle over the head and possibly kills him, okay so she didn’t kill him, but he did break an entering into her house. Well technically it’s not her house it’s her sisters, but that’s besides the point, she still whacked him with a paddle, hard enough to knock him out.

He could have been a dangerous intruder.

He didn’t even knock.

And he slept with her sister.

It was ten years ago, but time doesn’t matter, he still deserved it.

Why does he look so good lying there unconscious?

Why is he back in Montana after disappearing ten years ago?

Why is he back in Violet’s house?

Maybe she should whack him again.

Second chances, unrequited love, a crazy stalker and George the gnome returns. This book will have you LOL while falling in love. I promise.

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