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New Release – Bone

Title: Bone
Author: Dee Palmer
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Release Date: July 26, 2018


Only a good Doctor can be this bad

Dr. Joel Prescott is back.
He’s cold, calculating, ruthless.
He’s also smokin’ hot and utterly charming.
Dr. Prescott has a plan.
He has his sights set on her.
As much as she fights the attraction she just can’t seem to keep away.
Their chemistry is explosive.

Regan is a nurse with a full-time job and a five-year-old daughter – Ruby.
She doesn’t have time for complications.
Her love life may be none existent but she’s happy, settled.
She has close friends and a support network she relies on.
The last thing she expected was for him to return.
Return and threaten her cozy little world.

She knows he isn’t the man she loved five years ago, but she can’t resist.

Ruby’s life-threatening illness forces revelations about the past.
A past nobody knew would surface.
Regan is faced with a heartbreaking decision.
Joel may have broken her heart all those years ago.
Does he have to power to save it now?

They share a past but can they share a future?


PURCHASE LINKS – 99c for a limited time


Free in Kindle Unlimited


Dee Palmer lives just outside of London with her husband and (slightly embarrassed) children. Her passion is writing sexy steamy romance stories that will scorch the pages right off your kindle and are guaranteed to make your heart pound. She loves an HEA but isn’t afraid to put her readers through the ringer before she delivers.

When not at her desk she can be found either fannying around on Facebook or with her nose stuck in her Kindle. Once in a while when the lights are down she might be spotted about town searching for the best French martinis and throwing some dubious shapes on the dance floor.


Facebook Group:


There is a giveaway for a $20 Amazon gift card

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New Release – The Hawks

Title: The Hawks
Author: SD Hendrickson
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Family Drama/New Adult
Release Date: July 26, 2018


“Sultry summer of suspense that leads to the fall of a powerful family”

He warned me. Said hawks were dangerous birds. Their majestic beauty could blind your eyes as they picked the flesh from your bones. But even hawks have enemies. And they eventually came for the Hawthorn family. Held us hostage. Demanded retribution.

But I wasn’t a Hawthorn. No, I was just the help. Caught in the turmoil of a tragic family. I worked hard for Delsey Hawthorn. Tried to earn the respect of the reigning tyrant. Assistant. Event planner. Gardner. Chauffeur. I added it all to my resume.

And then I met Javier Hawthorn. Delsey ordered me to stay away from her grandson. But like a moth to a burning flame, I gravitated toward him. He was so different than my world. Irresistible. Charming. He brought a calmness to the chaos.

But that was before the intruders came into the house. Tied us up. Hurt us. We struggled to get away. We fought to survive. But who were the men behind the masks? Did we know them? Because someone who got this close to the family at night must be even closer during the day.


PURCHASE LINKS – $2.99 for a limited time



Excerpt #1

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t trying to upset you.” My hands cupped his cheeks. I peered into his eyes, trying to read him better as I wore my heart on the outside. “I know this is supposed to be casual. But this doesn’t feel casual to me. You are so good to me. So much more than I ever expected. The way you make me feel. I just need to know if you feel the same way. And it’s okay if you don’t. I just need to know the truth.”
Javier rested his forehead against mine. “I feel the same, Sarina.”
“You do?” The elation filled my chest and I leaned up to kiss him, but his words stopped me.
“I feel the same, but you’re not really mine. Not permanently. What right do I have to feel jealous or angry?”
“But you have every right,” I pleaded with him. “If you think we’re together.”
The emotions shifted in his eyes as he struggled with his answer. “Maybe I tried to pretend at first. That you could mean nothing. But I couldn’t. I care about you, Sarina. And in another time or place, I could see myself wanting so much more with you. But the more we feel, the harder it ends.”
“You don’t think I know that?” I whispered. “I know you will hurt me. Eventually.”
“But I don’t want to hurt you. So I have to ask you this. Do you want to stop now before this gets more serious? Before it hurts more?”
“No,” I gushed. I didn’t even hesitate. The idea of him pulling away sent a panic through me. I didn’t care about the heartbreak that would come later when he left me. I needed him in my life right now. “I don’t want to stop seeing you.”

Excerpt #2

My captor fidgeted around, shifting his weight from one boot to the other. He pulled the red bow tie loose from the collar of the white shirt, revealing his neck.
That was it. The opportunity.
I ran my tongue over my cut lip as the adrenaline pumped through my blood. I would need to go for the neck. Jab the blade in. Maybe it would slide through the delicate tissue of his throat. I would maim the guy and take his gun.
No! I had to try harder. Panic simmered in my chest. I had to kill him. Kill or be killed. This wasn’t me. But sometimes we had to become someone else in order to survive.
I could do this.
I would do this.
I grabbed the letter opener and lunged at the man. I wanted to put everything I had into my one opportunity. My fingers held tight and I swung the blade toward his neck. But the man deflected my attack with his wide arm, shoving my body away. I fell sideways, landing on my back against the floor. I gasped for air as the wind got knocked out of my lungs.
But I couldn’t remain in place.
I had to fight.


SD Hendrickson received a Bachelor’s of Science in Journalism and Public Relations from Oklahoma State University. She is the author of The Mason List, Waiting for Wyatt, and My Lucky Days.




There is a giveaway for a paperback of The Hawks (open Internationally)


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New Release – Downbeat

Title: Downbeat
Series: Lightning Strikes #4
Author: Jodie Larson
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 26, 2018


Downbeat |n|: The first beat in a measure, often the strongest. Fame, fortune, traveling to different cities across the country…I’m living the dream. As the drummer for the Lightning Strikes, it’s my job to hook you in and keep you coming back for more. It’s my craft, my calling, what I’m a master at.

Even with all that, I’m still just a normal guy who wants to eat at food trucks and lounge on the couch, playing video games until I can’t see straight. Everything was perfect.

At least I thought it was, until a blonde bombshell walked into my life and made me question everything I thought I knew. I want her. I need her. Only, she’s afraid of the spotlight, afraid of what it’ll do to her and the ones she loves. The wall around her heart is keeping me out, but I know before long I will break down her barriers. She needs to know that there is more to us than what she sees, that this chemistry between us is our downbeat to forever. All the guys in the band have their happily ever after. Maybe it’s time for mine.


PURCHASE LINKS – 99c special release price


Free in Kindle Unlimited


Excerpt #1

The hostess looks up, smiling brightly at the three of us; more toward Pax than anyone else. “Welcome to Smash. Just the three of you tonight?”
Pax nods. “Yep. A booth if you have it.”
I almost gag as little miss thing turns on the sweetness while grabbing three menus from the stack. “Anything you want.” To add to the mess, she bats her eyelashes like she has dust in her eye.
Without warning, Pax grabs my hand with his left and Jayce’s with his right, sending a clear signal to Miss Bubbles as we make our way through the restaurant, finding a quiet booth near the back.
“Your server will be right with you.” A huge change in demeanor as she slinks back to her post. Pax smirks while taking the seat across from me and Jayce. Much to his displeasure, I take the outside of the booth, which means Jayce won’t be able to run out and play like he thinks he can.
“What does everyone like on their pizza?” Pax doesn’t even look at the menu. Something tells me he comes here often. Though it doesn’t surprise me. This will be our second date at an arcade. He did warn me he likes to play video games.
“Cheese,” Jayce loudly proclaims.
Pax looks to me for verification. “It might be better to order him a personal size if they have it. Otherwise you’ll be stuck with something simple and plain.”
He smiles as if he understands my double meaning. “Nothing wrong with simple. But if you’d like something different, I’ve got just the thing for you.”
“I’m up for something new.”
Jayce looks between Pax and me, his little brows drawing together. “Am I still getting a cheese pizza?”
I kiss the top of his head. “Yes, buddy. You’re getting cheese.”
A tall younger guy walks up, clearly in his early twenties. “Hey, guys. Have you had a chance to look everything over?” His unruly blond hair and tanned skin tells me he doesn’t spend as much time here as I would think he does.
“Yeah, I think we’re ready to order.” Pax looks over and I wordlessly nod, letting him choose. I’m not picky with my pizza toppings. Everything tastes good when it’s baked in cheese. “We’ll get a kid’s cheese pizza and a large drunken barbecue chicken.”
Interesting choice. But I trust Pax’s judgment so I’ll go along with it.
“Anything to drink?”
Jayce chews his lip. I know what he’s gonna ask for before he opens his mouth. “Can I get a soda?”
I shake my head. “Milk would be better.”
Pax pipes up. “A chocolate milk and two Diet Cokes.”
Todd, according to his lopsided nametag, nods his head while writing our order down. “You got it. Should take about a half hour, so feel free to enjoy the arcade. Everything’s included in the price.”
Really? A free arcade? I guess I should have looked at those pizza prices closer. We’re probably going to shell out fifty bucks a pizza to make up for the games.
Jayce starts fidgeting with his shirt. “Mama, can we play?”
“Sure, bud. Let’s go.” Pax slides out of his side while Jayce crawls under the table to escape. Normally I’d be upset if someone undermines my decision, but I can’t be mad at Pax for wanting to do things with my son. Jayce even grabs his hand and drags him to the bright lights and sounds across the room.
I follow behind, not wanting to miss the show. They walk by all the machines first, most of them too tall for Jayce. Then they see it, sitting near the wall. A table-top Pac-Man machine. I haven’t seen one of those in years. And it’s the perfect height.
Jayce grabs one controller while Pax takes the other. You’d think he just won the lottery.
“You ready?” I ask, hovering my finger over the start button.
Okay, then. The music starts and the two of them play against each other, running from the ghosts and gobbling up as many yellow pellets as possible. At first, they agreed to share the power-ups. As time passed, it was every man – or boy – for themselves.
I practically have to drag them away from the game as I look over at the table and see our pizzas arrive. “Guys, food’s here.”
“One more game, Mom,” Pax says, fully invested in trying to beat Jayce’s score. Yeah, he’s getting his ass kicked by a five-year-old.
I bite my lip to hide my grin. “Come on, guys. Our food is gonna get cold.”
“We’re almost done, Mama.” Jayce’s tongue hangs out the side of his mouth, deep in concentration.
I think I’m back to throttling Pax.
Jayce claims victory, jumping out of his chair with his arms in the air. “I won!”
Pax leans over and offers a fist bump. “Nice job, bud.” Jayce returns the gesture and runs over to give him a hug.
“After we eat, can we play something else?” He looks between me and Pax with expectant eyes.
“If you eat most of your food, we can stay and play for a bit.”
Apparently, it’s a race back to the table because he’s sitting down and dishing himself up before Pax and I get to the restaurant section.
“He’s a good kid,” Pax says, resting his hand on the small of my back. “And for the record, I let him win.”
I look up and smirk. “Whatever helps you sleep at night.”
Okay, I’m back to kissing him.
Pax leans down and kisses the shell of my ear. “You’re beautiful, in case I failed to say it earlier.”
I look down at my beachwear and cringe. After sitting in the wind, I can only imagine what my hair looks like. “I think you’ve been playing too many video games. It’s obviously warped your brain.”
He pulls us to a stop at the edge of the table. “Don’t do that. Don’t play off my compliment like I must be crazy. You’re beautiful and amazing and every day I look forward to learning something new about you.”
Heat creeps up my cheeks as I stare into his beautiful hazel eyes. So deep and sincere; more green than brown with little flecks of gold around the pupils.
I almost forget where we are until a small voice pulls me back to reality. “Mama, you gonna eat?”
Pax and I shake our heads and smile, laughing to ourselves.
“Yeah, buddy. We’re gonna eat.”

Excerpt #2

He slides his hand into mine as we chase after Jayce through the arcade, watching him bounce from game to game. It doesn’t bother him that he doesn’t know how to play or whether he’s heard of it. If it’s available, he wants it.
“Anything you want to do?” Pax looks over, still holding my hand with no intention of letting go. A million little butterflies take off in my stomach. Being with Pax is so natural, it doesn’t even phase me anymore when he does things like this, acting like two people who have known each other for years rather than weeks.
Looking over, I see a race car game that opened up. Way back when, I used to be good at these.
“Race you,” I say, dropping his hand and taking off like I’m one of the kids. Pax laughs behind me, as does Jayce, though neither are moving fast.
“I’ll help you,” Jayce says, acting like my own cheering section.
With Pax in the seat next to me, it’s hard to focus on the screen. I turn the wheel to choose my car, finally selecting one that had a good ratio of speed and acceleration.
“Ready?” the computer voice says. A digital, scantily-clad woman appears on the screen between our two cars with a flag in hand and the beach behind her.
I stomp on the gas pedal and weave around pedestrians and other cars, trying to catch up to Pax who flew off the starting line like a pro. Damn, I may be rusty at this.
Jayce’s directions aren’t helping as I hit the wall for the third time, dropping all the way to last place. Why can’t this be like Mario Cart? I could really use a blue tortoiseshell right about now.
Needless to say, I didn’t win. Pax leans over, cracking his knuckles as he stretches his arms out in front of him. “I thought this was going to be a challenge.”
That’s it. There’s gotta be something I can beat him at.
I look around, desperate to find something that will give me hope.
Nothing. I suck at video games, always have, always will. Instead, I opt for one of the non-video games in the entire place.
“There,” I say, pointing to the basketball hoops.
“Really?” He looks me up and down. “You don’t seem like you have the height.”
I shove at his shoulder. “It’s not like I’m going against Shaq.” He’s a basketball player, right?
Pax laughs and leads the three of us to the hoops.
“Can I try?” Jayce asks.
I hand him one of the balls. “I don’t think you’re tall enough but go ahead and try.”
To my surprise, Pax lifts him off the floor, holding him high enough to take a shot. “Now he is.”
The ball goes in with ease, leaving the two of them whooping and hollering, slapping each other’s hands, finally ending in a fist bump. He’s turning my own son against me.
“Okay, Mama, your turn.”
I dribble the ball against the carpet – which is useless because it doesn’t bounce – and raise my arms to take a shot. The ball flies over the safety net, hits the front of the rim and straight down.
Pax holds up Jayce again, repeating the same motions as before. With each shot, mine fall short while theirs sinks in.
I give up.
When the buzzer sounds, I acknowledge my defeat. “That’s not fair. There’s two of you.”
Jayce hugs my waist. “It’s okay, Mama. We’ll teach you how to play.”
Pax snorts and turns away. I smile down at my son and ruffle his hair.
“Thanks, buddy.” Pulling out my phone, I glance at the time. “It’s getting late and you need to take a bath.”
A collective whine from the two of them brings a smile to my face. “Do we have to?”
I nod. “Yes. Time to go home.”
We walk to my car, letting Jayce crawl in first so I can secure his seat belt. Pax holds out his arm, wrapping it around my waist to stop my progress around the car.
“You know, I’m kinda dirty too. Wanna take a bath with me?”
Everything clenches south of my navel at the thought of being naked with him. I’m not sure if we’re ready to take that leap yet.
“We’ve had enough firsts for today. How about we save that one for later?”
He smiles, the corners of his eyes crinkling in the corners. “Can’t blame a guy for trying.” Leaning down, Pax kisses my lips, softly, tenderly, not taking it further than necessary in public and in case prying little eyes spot us.
“Did you drive to the beach? I suppose you need your bike.”
Pax shakes his head. “Nah, I walked. I can call an Uber.”
“Get in the car,” I say with authority. It’s not often I use my mom-voice, but it’s ridiculous that he even suggested getting a ride from someone else.
Once we’re all situated, I head down the road, following Pax’s directions to his place. Since I was passed out the first time I went there, and then too focused on the man between my legs the second time, I didn’t remember where it was. It doesn’t shock me that he’s down the street from Grounded. No wonder why he’s always there.
Pax opens Jayce’s door and gives him a high five. “See you later, bud.”
“Bye, Pax. Come play with me soon, okay?”
With a final fist bump, he blows it up as they both laugh. “You got it.”
I step out of the car and stand by the door. Pax traps me with his arms, caging me in while leaning into me.
“When can I see you again?”
I chew on my bottom lip. He frees it with his thumb, only to find it trapped again because I can’t stop fidgeting with him this close.
“My next day off is on Saturday. Weekends are better for me.”
He pushes a lock of hair away from my face, running the finger down my cheek until he’s cupping my jaw, tilting my head up to stare directly into his bright, hazel eyes.
“Then weekends it is. I want them all. Yours and Jayce’s. I had a lot of fun today. More fun than I’ve had in a while.” He kisses the tip of my nose. “But don’t think you’re off the hook during the week. I expect excellent customer service when I stop in for my coffee.”
I laugh, clinging to his shirt while resting my forehead against his shoulder. Every muscle in my body relaxes as he holds me in his arms. This feels more natural than anything else I’ve ever experienced. It pains me to walk away and leave him here.
“No fake smiles. Only the real ones for you.”


#1 Serenading the Shadows
#2 Notes of the Past – 99c for a limited time (US & UK only)
#3 Forbidden Lyrics – $1.99 for a limited time (US & UK only)


Free in Kindle Unlimited


Jodie Larson is a wife and mother to four beautiful girls, making their home in northern Minnesota along the shore of Lake Superior. When she isn’t running around to various activities or working her regular job, you can find her sitting in her favorite spot reading her new favorite book or camped out somewhere quiet trying to write her next manuscript. She’s addicted to reading (just ask her kids or husband) and loves talking books even more so with her friends. She’s also a lover of all things romance and happily ever after’s, whether in movies or in books, as shown in her extensive collection of both.


Facebook Group:
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Excerpt Reveal – One Hundred Promises

We are so excited to be sharing an excerpt with you today from the upcoming ONE HUNDRED PROMISES by Kelly Collins. ONE HUNDRED PROMISES is the fourth standalone contemporary romance in the Aspen Cove series and will be published on August 6th.



Join Bestselling Author Kelly Collins on another trip to Aspen Cove where anything is possible when it comes to love…

Aspen Cove, Colorado isn’t on Lydia Nichols’s wish list when she finishes her residency at Denver General Hospital, but life delivered several surprising blows. Her long-time boyfriend, who was also her boss, moved on with a nurse and took Lydia’s job with him. No boyfriend. No job. No options. As a favor to her sister, she arrives in the small mountain town for a temporary job as the clinic doctor. Her first question when she gets there is ‘how fast can I leave?’ That is, until sinfully, sexy Wes Covington comes into the clinic seeking care. With him around Lydia may have found a reason to stay—for now.

Wes Covington left his demons in Denver. Working for his family’s architectural firm, he was tired of being almost—almost good enough—almost rich enough—almost loveable enough. He abandoned his penthouse, his high-paying position and his Porsche for simple, small-town life. All he wants is to restore his ancestral home and find a good woman who’ll love him for who he is and not what he’s worth. When Wes meets Dr. Lydia Nichols, he likens her to a hellion with a halo. She’s the perfect mix of sassy and sweet, cunning and compassion, but she’ll never be his unless he can convince her to stay.

Love blooms when the timing is right, but will Lydia surrender her chance at love or can Wes convince her that everything she’ll ever want or need is right in Aspen Cove?

Find out in One Hundred Promises

Pre-order your copy of ONE HUNDRED PROMISES on Amazon today!


Read an excerpt from ONE HUNDRED PROMISES

When she flicked her tongue out to taste the gloss, he got jealous.

“What flavor is that?”

She ringed her lips with her tongue. “Watermelon. Samantha gave each of us girls a tube the last time I was here.”

Wes wet his lips. Even though he couldn’t taste it, he could imagine how sweet a kiss from Lydia would be. If he didn’t get her in the truck and on the road, he knew he’d do just about anything to get a taste.


She lifted her shoulders. “As ready as I’ll ever be.”

Minutes later, he parked the truck in front of Bishop’s Brewhouse and raced around to let Lydia out. Sarge jumped across her lap and took off for the door. “Sorry about that. It’s hard to control him when he knows what he wants. He’s got a soft spot for your sister’s dog.”

“Otis has a way with everyone. He’s friends with the cat. You can’t account for taste.”

“It’s strange how happiness is found in the unlikeliest of places with unexpected companions.”

“Yeah, yeah, are we talking lemons again?”

“No, we’re talking lemonade. Let’s go, beautiful. The world awaits your greatness.”

He opened the door for her and entered the already full bar. In the corner was one empty stool. Wes rushed forward to save it for Lydia.

“Have a seat. What would you like?” Cannon walked over with a stout and a glass of white wine.

“Look, I’m already a regular.” She held up her glass and tapped his mug. “Here’s to hot men in bath towels.” When she winked, a warm heat washed over him.

“Any particular man in a towel you’re referring too?”

She looked around the bar which had men outnumbering women three to one. “Keeping my options open.”

“The odds are in your favor.”

“It would seem, but honestly the odds never fall in my favor.”

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Make different choices and see what happens.”



International bestselling author of more than thirty novels, Kelly Collins writes with the intention of keeping the love alive. Always a romantic, she blends real-life events with her vivid imagination to create characters and stories that lovers of contemporary romance, new adult, and romantic suspense will return to again and again.

Kelly lives in Colorado at the base of the Rocky Mountains with her husband of twenty-eight years, their two dogs, and a bird that hates her. She has three amazing children, whom she loves to pieces.

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New Release – Bossy Nights


Bossy Nights, an all-new “sizzling and sexy” office romance, from USA Today bestselling author Liv Morris is LIVE!


I’ve landed in New York City with my resume in one hand and my V-card in the other. The resume? I’ll give to any man on the street. The other? Well . . . I won’t settle for anything less than lightning bolt chemistry and so far no one has flipped that switch.

Until I meet Barclay Hammond, CEO of the most prestigious publishing house in NYC and the city’s most eligible bachelor.

He’s commanding.



And my new boss.

The raw attraction between us is off the charts. Late nights together in the city, the looks he gives me across the boardroom table make him impossible to resist. I want him to be the one and he wants me too…

There’s only one BIG problem. Sleeping with your boss is strictly forbidden at Hammond Press.

Who knew losing it would be so complicated?


Grab your copy today for the special Release Day only price of 99¢ or read FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

Amazon US:

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Meet Liv Morris:

USA Today bestselling author Liv Morris resides in Manhattan with her first and hopefully last husband. She received a degree in communication from the University of Maryland. Liv has published many short stories for her Love in the City series (now a box set) and is featured in numerous anthologies.

PAINTED LIPS Best Logo.jpg

Connect with Liv:


Facebook Reader Group:



Twitter: @LivMorrisAuthor


Mailing List:

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Blog Tour – Silverblade

Silverblade, Book 1
by Bella Jeanisse
Genre: Rockstar
Are you ready to dive into a new series?
Before there can be a Rockstar Romance, there has to be a band… 
Shane Martin, lead vocalist of Silverblade, has given up on keeping his band together. He doesn’t know how to go on after the loss of their bassist and his best friend, Troy. When Troy’s widow insists he start the search, he does. No one was good enough until he found Zack. 
Zack Bryant plays bass, but his band is going nowhere. He thinks he has no chance to have a better life. That is until Shane walks into the bar where he is playing one night. He finally has a way to show the world what he can do. 
Will Zack blend with the rest of the band? Can they get ready in time to join the Reign of Fire tour? Little do they know, this is only the beginning. 
Warning: For those 18 and over only. May not suitable for all readers. Bumps in the road can be fun, right? 
This book has spoilers for the Gasoline and Wicked End series, as well as Triple Threat’s Dual Desires.
“Bella is an awesome author” 5 STARS ~ Lisa M Queen
“Great rock romance” 5 STARS ~ Doris
“All of Ms. Jeanisse’s books take you directly into the world of rock and roll and makes you feel as a voyeur into their lives. I cannot wait to see where the next book in the Silverblade series takes us. I highly recommend this book.” 5 STARS – Verified Purchase
“Every time I start a new book by Bella I wonder if she is going to be able to top the last one. I have read every single book she’s put out and I haven’t found ONE that I don’t like.” 
5 STARS – Anita
“Bella has once again has shown us her mad writing skills”. 5 STARS – Traci
Bella Jeanisse lives for rock music. Addicted to concerts, Avenged Sevenfold, fictional rockers, and blasting music in the car, she can’t get enough. After her father turned her on to Queen, there was no going back. Of course, it didn’t stop there. Playing guitar became a pastime, which didn’t turn into a career… until she started to pen her fantasies and publish them.
Originally from Brooklyn, New York City, she grew up with access to clubs like L’Amour and CBGBs, hung out in Greenwich Village, as well as had plenty of friends in bands. No wonder rockers stayed on her mind. Bringing her ideas to life was a long time coming.
She is now living near Tampa, FL with 3 kids and 2 grandkids, as a single mom. Her family supports her writing even when it seems to take up more time than they feel is necessary. Can’t stop the muse, ya know!
Besides erotic rock star romances, Bella also writes about wild bikers, hot college men and more.
wTMO hostedby.jpg
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New Release – Rivers

Title: Rivers
Author: S.L. Scott
Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 26, 2018


This Standalone Second Chance Rock Star Romance by New York TimesBestselling Author, S.L. Scott, will have you falling in love with Rivers Crow while introducing you to his Sexy as Sin brothers and band mates—Jet, Tulsa, and Ridge.

Rivers Crow has everything he could ever need—a rock star life, more money than the devil himself, and worldwide fame. Except he’s still missing the one thing he wants—the girl he left behind.

Stella Fellowes has a life she doesn’t want—an unfulfilling job, debt without a ceiling, and lonely nights she spends pretending not to miss the one thing she needs—the boy who broke her heart.

Five years later, the guitarist she once loved is back with a hit record, millions of fans, and that look in his eye that still makes her weak in the knees. Only she’s not the same girl he once knew.

When these two star-crossed lovers come together, time starts to heal old wounds. Although she’s compelled to look past his sins, will he be able to look past hers?


PURCHASE LINKS – $2.99 for a limited time only


Free in Kindle Unlimited


Ridge – Releasing September 27, 2018



Excerpt 1

Stella Lilith used to have an adventurous side, but I think it’s been a while since she broke a few rules. “Will you climb out first?”
There’s my girl. “Yep.” I press down on the sink, hoping it doesn’t fall off the wall. It looks old, so I’m not sure it can hold my weight. But it’s getting louder in the hall, so I climb up, grabbing an exposed pipe above the window, and maneuver my legs through the opening. Good thing we’re on the ground level. Pushing off, I land on my feet in the alley and turn around. “Stella?”
She peeks out and by the way her lips are twisted and her eyes are looking at the cement, she’s nervous. “I don’t want to fall.”
“I’d never let you. Not to the ground anyhow.”
For a second, she looks confused, but her brow relaxes and a small smile appears. “You’ll catch me?”
“Every time.”
She disappears, and I can hear her climbing onto the sink. Her legs slide out the window until her ass rests on the metal sill. “Ready for me, Rivers?”
“All my life.”
“For real,” she says, her nerves causing a slight shake to her tone. “You’re going to catch me, right?”
“Always.” I take her by the ass, and say, “Put your legs over my shoulders.”
“What? No.”
“Yes. I’ve got you. Then all I have to do is back up as you slip out.”
“I’m not as light as I used to be. Are you sure you can handle me?”
I work my way under her so her legs are over my shoulders. “Don’t worry about me, baby. I can handle you all right.”
Her thighs squeeze my neck. I like to think it was the name I slipped in there, but it’s probably because she’s anxious to do this. She slips out a little more, and our eyes meet. “You’re sure you’re ready?”
“All you have to do is let go. I have you.”
Releasing the pipe, she ducks her head to the side while I support her back with my hands, holding her until she clears the glass. Helping her upright, my face is against the jeans that cover her vagina and she’s squeezing my head with her legs so tight I don’t know if I’m going to live. What a sweet fucking way to die.

Excerpt 2

I’m a skilled guitarist. I know how to make her come using all I’ve learned and playing her like an instrument.
I’m just not sure if I’m ready to let her have a release. I’m thinking of keeping her on the brink so we can come together. Stella grinds against my hand, seeking relief. I pull out and replace my finger with my cock one big inch at a time.
A gasp and then a harsh intake of air draws my attention to her pretty face. “How do I feel, baby?”
“So good. So much.” Her eyes open lazily as she takes a slow deep breath and looks into my eyes as I hover over her. Her hands drift from my shoulders to my jaw. “I want all of you, Rivers. Your body, your love, this look in your eyes forever. Kiss me.” Fuck. Yes. Forever.
I push in a little more, causing her eyes to close with the motion. My lips touch hers, and she whispers, “I was always here waiting for you. I was always yours . . .” I push in farther, her words driving me to take more. “To love.” Further, the feel of her engulfing me begins to cloud my thoughts. “To fuck.”
Fuck. I thrust all the way, as deep as I can go. Her head goes back, her words cries of desire. I kiss the underside of her chin and fuck.
Not gentle.
Driving home everything I’ve wanted to tell her since the day we broke up. “I love you.” I fuck her selfishly. I fuck her to satisfy my own needs. I fuck her into an apology. “I’m sorry if I hurt you.”
“Don’t say sorry,” she manages between panting breaths. “You feel so good.”
I rest on my forearms and take her wrists in hand before pulling them above her head. Our palms press together. Our fingers entwine. Her body is stretched beneath me when I kiss her lips, showing her how much I care about her. “I meant I’m sorry for what I’m about to do to you.”


Living in the capital of Texas with her family, Scott loves traveling and avocados, beaches, and cooking with her kids. She’s obsessed with epic romances and loves a good plot twist. Her favorite color is blue, but she likens it more toward the sky than the emotion. Her home is filled with the welcoming symbol of the pineapple and finds surfing a challenge though she likes to think she’s a pro.


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