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Review – Memento Mori

Memento Mori; Masters and Mercenaries: The Forgotten (Series)
by Lexi Blake (Author)

This review is from: August 17, 2018 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition-Goodreads)
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥🔥

I am so giddy with happiness over this book I could just bust.

First of all, it is filled with crossovers and I love crossovers so hard!!  Lexi took bits from almost every series she has been a part of and that fed my crossover addiction like the good dealer she is. I was basically bouncing in my seat while I read each time I came across a new crossover reference. I’d say I need help, but I adore it, so please keep it up Lexi!

Second, why is this book amazing? Well it is a Lexi Blake Masters and Mercs. That should be enough.

Thirdly, it is beginning a new branch under the Masters and Mercs title, The Forgotten. These men have had quite a past, or more correctly, they don’t remember their past. All under the direction of Ezra Fain, a former CIA operative, who is also a mystery himself. There is so much potential with not only the Lost Boys, but also the men chasing them and protecting them.

Did I mention I was giddy over this release? Memento Mori is so good it is everything I expected from a Lexi Blake novel and so much more.

Memento Mori – “Remember that you must die”

Jax was the first Lost Boy, or at least the first experiment of Hope McDonald’s who lived. Tortured and abused, his mind erased over and over, it almost seems impossible that he would have any humanity left, yet at his core is a sense of decency and that is exactly what drives him to achieve his new mission. He knows that if any of Dr. McDonald’s notes, ideas, really anything of hers gets out then more experiments could be run, more lives ruined, and no one deserved to go through the hell he and his brothers had lived.

The Lost Boys

Jax, Owen, Robert, Tucker, Sasha, Dante and Theo.

Is Theo lost? Not anymore. Thanks to his wife, Erin, but he was one of Hope McDonald’s projects. His mind erased, tortured, used to do evil deeds and heinous acts alongside his “brothers” in the name of evil science while under the influence of a soulless woman who thankfully no longer walks the earth.

However, just because the woman is gone doesn’t mean the men magically have their lives back. No matter how hard Adam Miles worked, at McKay-Taggert, and used his new technology to search for information on the Lost Boys none of them seemed to exist before they were “born” in Hope’s lab. With no memories of their past and warrants out for their arrests for the unspeakable things they did while under Dr. McDonald’s care their future seems bleak at best.

It was a sliver of hope that a part of who they were might be hidden in the mountains. A black ops lab hidden high above the town of Bliss, Co. Perhaps they might reclaim a piece of who they were and what they’ve lost and begin piecing together the puzzle that is their lives.

Bliss, Colorado

River Lee was also lost. Taken advantage of by a con man. Running off with her life savings and leaving her when her father was dying with cancer. She had no one and no one to turn to.

Broken and alone she was about to lose her family business, Mountain Adventures, if she didn’t have cash flow soon. Putting her family house on the market seemed like the best option, if it didn’t hurt so bad knowing she’d lose all the memories of growing up there with it.

Was it chance that she landed the job that could save her business the day after she met the man who also jump started her heart?

When you’ve already lost everything, what would you do to have a little bit of normal? To love and feel loved?

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