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Review – Hot Heir

Hot Heir  (Standalone)
by Pippa Grant (Author)

This review is from: August 24, 2018 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition-Goodreads)
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥🔥

I love Pippa Grant! She delivers books filled with humor, warmth, the right amount of quirkiness, a swoon-worthy hero who is rock hard on the outside, but gooey on the inside (sigh) and just plain fun that makes her characters memorable and fun to root for.
Having said that, even though Hot Heir had all of those elements, it didn’t live up to the Pippa formula I instantly fall in love with.

Viktor, having been a royal guard and living a steady, stable life has been all he’s ever wanted and enjoyed. So when news came down that he was now the heir to the throne of his home country of Amoria, his steady life becomes upended, especially when the throne comes with the entanglement of a wife. To be king he must have a queen by his side. An antiquated rule, but a rule nonetheless. If only he’d taken the time to date while he’d been working. With time running out his options are limited so when Peach shows up on his doorstep with a proposition he listens to her offer.

Peach is a co-owner of Weightless, a flight adventure company. You’d think that would be enough to keep her busy, but she is raising her little sister, her very troublesome-trying-to-keep-out-of-jail little sister practically by herself. Knowing her sister, Papaya, needs a stable home environment and the judge won’t grant her adoption because she’s a single woman seeking it, Peach approaches Viktor when she hears he needs a bride. It’s a temporary solution to both of their problems and they barely like each other as it is, so it shouldn’t be a problem to break ties once they each get what they need. If only they really hated one another their problems would be so much easier to solve.

I adored Viktor and the strength that he had for everyone around him. He never wavered in his commitment. Now…Peach and Papaya…well…I understand their relationship was strained, but everytime they came on the page, all I’m going to say is I wanted more Peach and Viktor because they were fun and entertaining and I’ll leave it at that.
If you’ve read other books by Pippa you’ll be able to catch up on some of her past characters in Hot Heir, but it’s not mandatory to have read prior books as I’ve still not had time to read all of them yet and I had no trouble following along.

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