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Review – Tall, Dark and Irresistible

Tall, Dark and Irresistible; Tall, Dark and Sexy #2 (Series)
by Erika Wilde (Author)

This review is from: August 26, 2018 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition-Goodreads)
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Sweet, sexy, and very well written. I fell in love with Leo Stone and Peyton Bishop! A second book in the series, but a complete standalone that had me loving this couple the entire way through.

Peyton Bishop was desperate. So desperate that she created a fake online profile. This wasn’t a profile to begin catfishing anyone, no, it was actually to keep her overly protective parents out of her life. (Hmmm, not a bad idea.) However, she also went a step beyond to keep them from meddling in her life, Peyton created a fake boyfriend for her fake profile. She also didn’t just pick any random man from the internet, no, she happened to pick a boy she went to college with. One she happened to have a small crush on since college. Leo Smith, who happened to be in a committed relationship back then, but he was also super sweet, and never once made a pass at Peyton.

Move forward a few months, and now Peyton actually needs the live-in-the-flesh version of the fake man she’s been lying to her parents about for the past nine months. This entire fake life just got a whole lot more complicated. Hopefully Leo still has a great sense of humor and is willing to be her fake boyfriend while she is in town. If not, she had a whole lot more lies to come up with and fast.

Leo Stone is the book boyfriend I’d want in my life. He is a one woman kind of man who is all in when it comes to love. It is why he hasn’t been in a relationship since he was left at the altar by his fiancée and long-term girlfriend. He is a man who was looking for the real deal, but was shattered when love didn’t prove enough to marry him in the end.

When Peyton Bishop insists on meeting him and then explains what she’s done, he’s extremely flattered and definitely intrigued by her offer. Even with his heart on guard, it’s the first time he’s had any interest in any woman since his love life turned upside down and he sees that as a step in the right direction since his first reaction is to say, yes.

Even though Leo is only there to be Peyton’s fake boyfriend for a week, the two just click. Everything comes easily for them. They each realize there is a deadline to their relationship and try not to take each other for granted with the expiration date looming. They make the most of their adventure and get swept up in the events and family they are around making it harder to say goodbye when their time is up. Perhaps this was fate giving them a second chance? If only they didn’t live across the country from one another.

This book is fun, steamy, and just makes you believe in fate with the perfect kinds of timing. I loved it.

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