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Review – Fighting For What’s His

Fighting For What’s His; A Warrior Fight Club Novel (Series)
by Laura Kaye (Author)

This review is from: September 7, 2018 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition-Goodreads)
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥🔥

A broken hero opens his home to his best friend’s sister. It didn’t seem like a big deal when Billy had been asked for this small favor, but when Shayla shows up, after breaking an entering (well, it was raining and her brother did teach her how to pick a lock) and then flashing him (this was after Billy pulled a gun on the intruder he thought he had in his home and Shayla was showering-soooo) the two were off to a great start.

Talk about awkward…”Hi, I’m your new roommate, don’t mind my naked introduction. BTW I like your big gun.” (I’m just imaging how Laura plots this out, this is not a direct quote from the book.)

I loved the humor, vulnerability, and slow burn that Laura Kaye brings to her wounded characters. Fighting For What’s His is an easy read that is an excellent addition to the series.

Billy Parrish is a former Army Ranger Ranger, currently working as a Private Investigator and also a member of the Warrior Fight Club. The only rule to become a member of the club is that you have to be a veteran (No, it’s not the old “The only rule of fight club is don’t speak of fight club” thing-although there is a cute scene about that so I won’t spoil it). WFC is one of the ways that has helped Billy heal and transition back to the civilized world after being in the military. Having a band of brothers who have been through similar things, lived through similar dangers, and possibly been involved in similar physical or emotional damage that he himself has undergone. The club is something that helps ground him, most days. That is until Shayna moves in. He never realized how lonely his life had become after leaving the military. How mundane his life actually was. Shayna was filled with energy and passion about everything, it drew him in like a moth to a flame, but she was his best friends sister. That meant untouchable.

Shayna Curtis needed a place to stay while she got her feet wet in a new town. A new job, starting a new life was exciting enough, but staying under the same roof as her teenage crush added another layer of excitement that had her practically bouncing out of her skin. Billy had matured into a well-built man and she enjoyed looking her fill. She knew he probably saw her as Ryan’s gawky little sister and wanted nothing to do with her other than get her out from under his roof as fast as possible, but sometimes the way he stared at her said something different, like maybe he wanted to devour her, in a sexy good way.

Both Billy and Shayna had secrets and carried their own burdens, but had never shared them with anyone. If they could just open up and allow each other to trust the other person perhaps they would each find what they were looking for right under their very own roof.

I always love sprinkled in…there were updates from the WFC’s first book, along with progress on storylines with other characters for future storylines…I can hardly wait!!

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